First Look At Dean Geyer Shirtless On ‘Glee’

Another day, another Glee preview. Fox is certainly promoting the shizz out of the show’s upcoming fourth season and its move to Thursday nights. Already, we’ve seen the first official cast photo, character posters, extended clips and now we have a behind the scenes look. The clip, introduced by Kevin McHale and Darren Criss, highlights all the new key players including Kate Hudson, Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Becca Tobin and most notably Dean Geyer.

Ever since the 26-year-old actor was announced as a new cast member, fans of his have waited with bated breath for the first look. For me, the second I saw pictures of him in a tank top filming with Lea Michele in NYC, I was stoked. The Aussie actor certainly knows how to fill out a top. He’s got muscles for days.

In the newly-released clip, he’s shown practically naked, coming out of the shower with his abs glistening and just wearing a towel. SIGH. I think this shirtless moment will top Chord Overstreet’s introduction on Season 2, and that’s no easy feat. Chord was dayum sexy in that scene. Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.

YUM. How sexy is he, especially with that accent? If Rachel Berry chooses Finn over Brody, girlfriend really needs a lobotomy. The Glee newbie is one hot piece of ass. Don’t you agree? Sound off below.

  • Michael


  • juliusmaloney

    Yeah…& officially I step off the Glee bandwagon at Season 3.

  • SLade

    Finn Who??? Finn is a butter face in conparison! And this new guy has a better body, can dance, and sing!!!

  • Yeah, Dean is SMOKING hot!

  • jis89

    @SLade that’s only a serie..please! The new guy is hot – sure but I’m interesting on the new storyline.

  • Hot man!

  • Paul

    What accent?