SPOILER ALERT! Glee has played a pivotal role in shaping a gay character with Kurt Hummel and has really helped create a good role model for teens struggling with their sexuality and helping with gay acceptance in its story lines. That role was then assisted with the addition of Kurt’s first real love interest in Blaine played by Darren Criss. However, the newest Glee spoiler is causing all of us to turn our head and get a little confused, and we’re not the only ones.

According to a Glee source, the character of Blaine is about to have an intimate encounter with someone of the opposite sex. This interaction causes Blaine to have second thoughts about his sexuality and begins to wonder if he swings both ways. I am going to go on the record in saying WTF!?!?

I’m sorry but is that plot really struggling so bad that we need to start switching up the sexualities of some of our characters?

IMHO, I think this potential plot shift is completely uneccessary. This new insert changes the character of Blaine completely. Blaine was the one who helped Kurt come to terms with his sexuality and pronounced it so loudly in a love song in a GAP on last week’s episode. So why the change? I have no idea. What are your thoughts on the newest Glee spoiler?

Creator, Ryan Murphy hit the web this morning to clear up the speculation of the Glee spoiler stating this in an official email:

“Blaine is NOT bi. He is gay, and will always be gay. I think it’s very important to young kids that they know this character is one of them.”