Glee’s Kurt Has A “Teenage Dream”

Glee’s back with a brand new episode this week and it looks like Kurt Hummel will finally be getting a love interest. The episode titled “Never Been Kissed” marks the debut of Blaine, played by Darren Criss. Kurt meets Blaine, an openly gay student at Dalton Academy, and two become fast friends. Looks like the rumors of a McKinley High student transferring to another school are true. Judging by the snazzy uniform Kurt is rocking, it seems McKinley’s sole gay student is jumping ship.

For Darren’s first number, he jumps into an a capella version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream“. He is joined in the number by a whole whackload of Dalton Academy boys. Yum. The two boys at either end in the picture above look like appealing jailbait. I’m loving the stripped down version of Katy’s hit. It gives it a more innocent vibe, fitting for the Kurt’s first love affair. It’s a welcome change from Perry’s screaming. Check out the full number below.


Did you like Blaine’s version of the track? Are you looking forward to Kurt finally getting some? I wonder what chain of events prompts Kurt to transfer schools. I guess, we’ll have to tune in on Tuesday to find out.

  • adam a.

    loved the song……I do hope that they keep some of these new characters around for awhile and that they don’t turn into half season parts ie. jesse st. james….I think that if they only keep the same cast, the show is going to start getting stale

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    omg yessssss

    i saw this on glee facebook page first
    im soo happy
    kurt has been annying this season i miss him happy like last season ,,i hope this brings the old kurt back

    also he doesnt belong in macingly and if i was in his shoes i would transfer there gonna make a really convining twist to keep him there

    also ive heard the song hundreds of time by now ,,its on repeat ,,i even learned the choreography 🙂

  • @adam a. I agree, I hope Sam and Blaine are here to stay. I miss Jesse St. James too

    @ahmed. you should post your new dance moves on youtube. would love to see them.

  • gad1n10

    While Sam has one rock’n bod, I’m not that big on Blond’s.
    This guy is much more visually appealing from what I could tell in the clip.
    Can’t wait to get a better look at the lil’ humm’r groov’n to the left of Kurt 😉

  • Teddy

    Before watching this video, I was on team Kurt and Sam, but i think now, I am so on board Kurt and Blaine.
    Blaine was looking hot in the video, altho im not sold on his singing yet hehe
    I would love to be going to Dalton Academy…. all the boys seemed so happy singing, im sure Kurt would like it better there haha

  • tim

    More than the love interest (i hope things are realistic the way it happens, as realistic as this show can be) i really wish they’d do more a capella

    the house band makes everything seem very karaoke lately