Seriously, why even bother? Given how pivotal Cory Monteith was to Glee‘s success early on and the shock fans felt with his tragic death, I’m perplexed by this video memorial card uploaded on the show’s official YouTube channel. The very short clip shows some of Finn’s moments with the line “Cory Monteith Forever in our Hearts,” ending the clip. Is Finn only worth 12 seconds. A fourth grader with iMovie could’ve done a better job. It’s almost insulting.

Hopefully, the planned tribute episode is a lot better executed. The story line is still unconfirmed, but reportedly Monteith’s real-life drug issues will somehow be worked in. I just can’t see Finn Hudson doing drugs, but whatever. In conjunction with the episode, the cast and crew are filming drug-related PSAs to air during the episode. Check out FOX’s video memorial card below.

Cory Monteith Memorial Card