First Listen: Check Out All The Songs From Glee’s Upcoming Episode, “Choke”

We’re getting closer to the season of finale of Glee and the upcoming graduation of some of our favorite characters. I’m still very interested to see what kind of direction the show will take when most of its players depart from the halls of McKinley High. In this week’s episode, Rachel and Kurt finally hit the stage for their NYADA auditions which are being judged by none other than Whoopi Goldberg. Perfection. It’s seems that Broadway may be the theme minus a few other tracks thrown into the mix.

The boys and the girls each get their own time to shine. The boys take on a “My Fair Lady” classic with a punk/rock twist in “The Rain In Spain” while the girls throw some shade in “Cell Block Tango” originally from “Chicago”. For what I assume to be Rachel and Kurt’s NYADA auditions, we’ll also hear a song from “The Boy From Oz.” But wait, no Barbara Streisand for Rachel’s audition? I am absolutely shocked.

The three contemporary hits in the playlist are Florence and the Machine’s “Shake It Out” along with Kelly Clarkson’s “Cry“. Appropriately with the end of the school year ahead, Puck and crew rock out to the Alice Cooper classic rock hit, “School’s Out“. In my opinion, the track list is a little all over the place. I’m interested to find out how these songs all work out in context. Give them all a listen below.

  • Daniel

    Rachel is going to sign “don’t rain on my parade”

  • Daniel


  • Why does Broadway have to be a “theme” for an episode? Isn’t that the whole point of the show? You know, since glee is about what is essentially a SHOW CHOIR. You think it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume a club would actually do music typical to the context.

  • Castiel

    They kill “Shake it Out”. AMAZING ?

  • Josh

    Why would this show need a Broadway theme episode? Half the songs are already show tunes nobody has ever heard before