Is Ryan Murphy Releasing A Glee Men of McKinley High Calendar?

Last week, Ryan Murphy tweeted a picture of Ryder (Blake Jenner) shirtless wearing only patriotic shorts and an Uncle Sam hat. The Glee co-creator captioned the picture, “Meet Mr July in our Men of McKinley High calendar!” At first, I thought it was a joke, but I think it actually might be a THING. Today, Murphy released a new picture featuring yet another Glee stud showing off his torso. This time, for all you Darren Criss fans, it’s Blaine showing off his candy canes and much more 😉

Personally, I hope this Men of McKinley High calendar comes to fruition. I would love to see Jacob Artist (Jake Puckerman), Chord Overstreet (Sam aka White Chocolate) and Dean Geyer (Brody) skimpily dressed for their respective months. Yes, I know Brody technically didn’t go to McKinley High, but I hope Murphy makes an exemption and exploits him as well. Hell, I’d be happy if Geyer represented more than just a month. His scorching buff bod can span all through the summer months. In the meantime, we have Jenner and Criss’ photos to tide us over. Check them out below.

If this man candy Glee calendar hit stands, would you buy it? Who else do you think will grace a month? Artie? Mike Chang? Finn? Kurt? Maybe even Unique? Sound off below.

  • Lukas A. James

    Only the water polo shot looks authentic….those other pics look so overproduced and touched up…they actually look like photoshops…..I hope they are real, for the simple fact it would be a horrendous joke if it came out in a poor format with bad photoshop looking photos

  • Steve-O

    OMG That picture makes Darren Criss look like has no sex appeal whatsoever! Did they make him wax?

    He looks way hotter in the Out Magazine and People Magazine shoots he did……google them!! HOT!

  • Josh

    Whoever’s in charge of airbrushing Glee pictures needs to be fired. That Darren Criss picture is atrocious but its not even as bad as most of the pictures from the DVD covers of the show

  • Peter

    I definitely won’t buy these so called Glee Calendars, not with that atrocious Blaine photo.

  • Ryan murphy needs to keep it in his pants. Neither of these guys (nor the rest of the men in the cast for that matter) are interested. Why does he keep doing things to them like this?

  • DouggSeven

    Glee and sexy are two words that don’t go well in a sentence.

  • Dainec

    I don’t really know if i like this idea. Aren’t they supposed to be high school students? I’d be the dirty old man staring at the calendar in Chapters.

  • Jason

    I would so buy this calender just for these two pictures! They are so hot!

  • Ewan

    Wow Ryan Murphy and his gay posse are just so horny.

  • Ode

    I feel bad, you just know they had to shave poor Darin’s chest, because teenage girls don’t like body hair. Calendar could be a good idea. It would be more amazing if the money was donated to fund the arts in public schools. Just saying…

  • Emily

    omg if this went on sale in stores i would so buy it!!!!! Omg seeing jacob artist on a calender………:)

  • D_III

    I am waiting on the calendar to be released! I would TOTALLY buy it!!