‘Glee’ Britney 2.0 Episode: Did They Bully Britney Spears?

Last night, the second Britney Spears-themed episode for Glee aired, aptly titled “Britney 2.0”. The episode followed the downward spiral of Brittany S. Pierce as her grades slipped, she got cut from the Cheerios, and she quits Glee Club after a trainwreck lipsync performance.

The episode was full of hilarious lines and obvious parallels between what Britanny was going through and what Britney Spears went through when she had her big meltdown. Everything from shaving her head and attacking a paparazzo with an umbrella, to her epic trainwreck performance of “Gimme More“. The comparison was complete with the Cheetohs, the giant coffees…and someone screaming, “Leave Britney alone!

I thought it was hilarious, but a friend of mine on my Facebook felt otherwise and I can see her point. She wrote, “I don’t want to be the negative one but while I loved the music I found the making fun of the meltdown offensive. Britney Spears was probably suffering from a mental illness, so mean to poke fun of. Also the cheeto and overeating part….. I thought Glee was about acceptance and anti-bullying, I was dissapointed.”

What do you think- sas Glee bullying Britney with this content? Share your thoughts in the comments after you re-watch all of the performances below.

Glee: “Hold It Against Me”

Glee: “Womanizer”

Glee: “Oops I Did It Again”

Glee: “Gimme More”

Glee: “Crazy / U Drive Me Crazy”

Glee: “3”

Glee: “Boys/Boyfriend”

Glee: “Everytime”

  • Rob

    I think that although the episode poked fun at her it acknowledged and also embraced the person she became because of that period in her life. As Heather Morris’ Britanny said “She hit rock bottom and came out the other side a stronger person”

    The message I took from the episode was that we all have our down days but its how you overcome them.

  • Doug

    I think it was very offensive. Like your friend said glee is all about anti-bullying but this episode was straight up making fun of britney which is a form of bullying. Youre gonna preach that its wrong to make fun of ppl and then do the same thing to her. They couldve at least had brittany do that amazing hold it against me number at the end so it was like im back bitchess. The sad thing is most of the numbers besides gimme more were great like 3, oops and boys but do u think ppl are gonna remember and talk about the good? Nope. Not after that gimme more number. And its disappointing too bc after 2007 vmas britney had to work hard to make a comeback and have ppl take her seriously again. This episode brought it back to britneys a joke and a mess. Not cool. They should not call it a tribute. It was an insult. Imagine britney watching that episode? I just feel really bad.

  • Homegirl No5

    It was a good episode, but not a good Britney tribute. And that cover of 3 was awful. Can they not show closeups of that nasty hippie’s nasty feet again? Barf.

  • Just hearing that they highlighted all these things make me angry let alone watching it happen on TV. There’s such a thing as a happy medium. In both “Michael” and “whitney” they made these people seem like gods without flaw, and even the slightest referral to both late stars’ dark days was made to seem horrible. But now they’ve gone in the opposite direction, completely mocking and shaming a celebrity (WHO DID NOT NEED ANOTHER TRIBUTE!!!). Complete polarity.
    Lets get this straight once and for all. It was not a good episode. The plot-lines were contrived and full of plot holes, the songs were not good as they sounded like minipop covers, and it was not an appropriate tribute to Britney as it was offensive and reductive to her personal life story. I feel bad for you if you in any way found something good in a TV show that has so much wrong with it. Television is not about persevering through a bad plot line, these things are supposed to be interesting.

  • Max

    @homegirl: I personally thought the harmonies in “3” made it the best song from this episode..
    and his feet aren’t disgusting. He just wears sandals to make him look more “hippie”.
    also, I second what Rob said. I liked this episode more than the last one.

  • Ryan

    I thought it was a great episode. All the performances were great. I didn’t think they were insulting Britney either. Yes they played out Britney’s download spiral via Brittany but they focused on the fact that Brittany had orchestrated the whole meltdown so she would come back stronger than ever. Agreed that they should have done “Hold it Against Me” last to show that – but still, a hilarious brilliant episode.

  • Josh

    I guess we’ll see how offended Britney is when she gets her royalty cheque in the mail

  • I completely agree with Doug… it was a very offensive episode. Unfortunately people don’t think Britney is talented as it is and all this mockery just reminds the general public that. No one (other than her fans) know how talented, humble, and down to earth Britney is. Everyone always throws shade towards her and they do it because they know she won’t say anything back. It’s sad… I like Glee but this truly crossed the line

  • Shaan

    She is a Star & rightfully so! Glee has got nothing on Britney

  • Justin

    no I think what glee did as there tribute was amazing and not offensive at least. DID she not fuck up the VMA performance by lynching and looking like she could care less? DID she not shave her head bald? DID she not attack a paparazzi with an umbrella? SHE DID ALL OF THESE FUCKING THINGS and at any point did any of the glee kids laugh at her or mock her in any way, all they did was show concern that a friend is acting strange and not her actual self. The fact that they even said Britney Spears did all those things and hit rock bottom but came back stronger and is getting paid 10 million dollars to judge people is pretty fucking fantastic. Anybody thinking that it was offensive really does not understand what they tried to do and needs to shut the fuck up about shit they do not understand and talk shit about people who put there creativity to construct this episode so that people can enjoy watching it. They want to talk about bullying then they should stop being a bully by putting something down that did not to deserve to be put down on pointless merits! God longest rant I ever had.

  • Justin

    OMG I put a big error in my previous post when i put lynching instead of lipsynching sorry about that, my mistake so if it is at all possible for the staff to edit my post to reflect that change it would be most grateful.

  • Russell

    Brittany always gets things wrong, even when it’s a serious topic- Lebanese, anyone? She acts ridiculous in the episode because she thinks that’s the key to Britney’s success.
    Nobody in the whole show said a thing against Ms Spears, and she got a second tribute episode. If that’s bullying, I’ll take it any day.

  • Doug

    @justin so bc all of those things actually happened its okay to mock and make fun of them? Okay so for the mj episode it wouldve been okay to have sleepovers with children and for whitney they couldve smoked crack. No. And they were making fun not the cast but the writers and producers. Gimme more was very exaggerated in a bad way. They had her drinking orange soda and eating cheetos on stage. Thats not making fun? And btw britney gets 15 million.

  • Andre00x

    She totally deserves it. If she doesn’t want to be made fun of then she shouldn’t be on tv doing stupid things. Boo hoo Brit. Think before you act like an idiot.

  • André Dias

    Lets call things by their name. Now that she’s on X-factor, Britney is back on the spot. And Glee wanted to bathe on the light too ! Plain and simple.
    The plot around Britanny was just a poor excuse to bring the Britney theme and all that “hit rock bottom and come back stronger” was quite a poor breath of justification after all that too vivid of a swim in her pool of disgraceful moments.
    Right now Britney is under a light brighter than she’s used to in quite a long time and I don’t think this episode will be any good to her when she’s getting back to the limelight – on the contrary.
    Summarizing, Glee wanted to explore Britney new exposure and they did it not only poorly but also meanly.

  • Justin

    read my post doug i said she did all these things and they were not mocking her instead they were worrying for her stop thinking one way and interpreting everything into your own way like a Republican does.

  • Justin, you need to chill dude. No need to use vulgar language, also no need to attack others. Everyone has an opinion and while I do not agree with how you see things, I respect your opinion.

    @André, I totally agree with what you said

  • mike

    I can’t believe Glee would do something like this to Britney! I haven’t seen the episode myself, but my friends from my office at DISH have been talking about it all morning! I’m definitely going to have to check it out and see if it is as bad as it seems. I wasn’t planning on watching it (I’ve been so over Glee lately), but lucky for me I still have the episode recorded. Since my Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime feature auto-records everything on the major networks during primetime hours, I never miss out. From the clips I’ve seen here, it certainly looks like Glee took some really cheap shots at Britney; that is not cool!

  • Doug

    @justin i read what u said and yes she did those things but that doesnt mean they werent mocking her and making fun.

  • people watching glee?????? I dont get it. Love Britney.