X Factor Season 3 Rejects Girls United Forge Ahead With New Video

Girls United isn’t letting Simon Cowell’s rejection slow them down. Alex, Candi, and Nichole plan to forge ahead and conquer the music industry on their own. Truth be told, the US edition of The X Factor hasn’t produced one superstar yet. Only minor successes with Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony have been produced thus far. I’m sure Girls United will do fine on their own. Or at the very least won’t do any worse had they placed 6th or 10th in the competition.

Even though their Four Chair Challenge performance wasn’t anything to write home about, I was still rooting for the girls. Mostly because I’ve been a fan of Nichole Cordova (the blonde) for years. She was the only one in Robin Antin’s girl group Girlicious I could stand. Plus, she was the most talented in my book.

According to their press release, they’ve been described as a cross between female super groups the Spice Girls and TLC, whom they consider pioneers of the Girl Power movement in music. How hilarious is it that Antin’s Pussycat Dolls are nowhere to be mentioned. LMFAO.

Hot off their X Factor rejection, the girls recorded a cover of Ariana Grande’s “Pink Champagne” and filmed a music video. It’s actually pretty good, considering I’m assuming the budget was limited at best. Check out the fun clip below. Based on it, Simon should’ve kept them instead of his new manufactured girl group, Sweet Suspense. #justsaying.

Girls United ‘Pink Champagne’ Music Video

Ariana Grande ‘Pink Champagne’ Original Version

Girls United Four Chair Challenge Performance

  • Rob

    Haven’t heard this song but I prefer Ariana’s. The group voices are too noisy and high pitched it’s a bit annoyin

  • billy elliott

    well, there’s also the UK x factor girl group lil mix (british 5th element) 5 girls w/killer voices w/ ppl like missy elliott rapping in their songs…

  • Thomas

    All that matters is that Nichole Cordova is one of the most talented pop star turned not pop star I’ve ever met. She has always been the most talented in her groups (girlicious DEFINITELY included). Simon… why not. I love her. and them.

  • Evan

    Love them and LOVE NICHOLE!! I wish they would have made it further for more exposure, but I feel like they might still find success on their own. I hope they do, anyway.

  • Leon Walker

    I personally think they need a bit more of a grown up song, I do love Nichole, but someone needs to mention to lay off the fake tan/bronzer! Umpa lumpa face!
    Vocal wise, there is point comparing to Ariana Grande, she is a one off, but they all have great voices, and style, but this a very young sound, and I’m not sure it fits, they need to find their edge! I really hope they do! Xx