HBO Releases First ‘Girls’ Season Two Teaser

If you thought the ladies from HBO freshman hit, Girls, would glam it up à la Sex In The City for Season 2, fear not. The Brooklyn quartet look to be the same natural raw-humored kooky hipsters they were for the first season. The network just unveiled the first teaser for the comedy’s highly-anticipated return in January 2013.

I’ll admit, I jumped on the Girls bandwagon after the season finished. Being a tad impatient, watching all the shows back-to-back was a great luxury. Unfortunately, now that I know the brilliance that is Lena Dunham’s creation, waiting for the sophomore season is painstaking. If you haven’t watched the show, be sure to check out Adam’s early review of it. He perfectly describes the essence of the comedy.

Though there aren’t too many spoilers in the short teaser released by HBO, there is one huge question that’s been answered. When the show announced that Patrick Wilson was cast as a new love interest for Hannah (Lena Dunham), fans of Adam Sackler thought he was leaving the show. Team Adam members can breathe a sigh of relief, since Adam Driver who plays the character is seen in the teaser. Check it out below.

‘Girls’ Season 2 Teaser

Do you watch Girls? Are you excited for Season 2? Which of the girls is your favorite? Sound off below. PS. Does anyone know what song is used in the promo? I tried Shazam’ing it but nada.

  • Adam

    Like.Love. in for the long haul.
    This news just made my day!

  • Jodi

    I love the song on the HBO Girls season 2 teaser! I believe it is an HBO Original song called “I Wanna”. That being said, I haven’t yet found the actual song for playback or purchase.

  • Jodi

    I finally found a link to the song from the season 2 teaser…