Earlier today, Girls Aloud released a little teaser video for an announcement they are making this coming Friday, October 19. From the looks of the video, we can infer they’ll be releasing the music video for their new single on that day. Last week, the news broke that Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh were reuniting to celebrate their ten year anniversary of their girl group.

In the chorus of the newly leaked song, the girls sing, “We’re the leaders of the pack, boy you better watch your back. We’re the leaders of the pack. Tell me can you handle that.” The girls are back with a punch with this catchy and energetic song that will surely be played at the clubs this weekend.

Every now and then I enjoy reading the comments on YouTube because when you filter through the “hating for the sake of hating” ones, there are some funny ones. One fan writes, “And they’re back! The Saturdays, sit the f*** down!!!? BOOM!!!” LOL. I love The Saturdays myself, but I just found the comment funny. Give the track a listen below!

Girls Aloud – “Something New”

Girls Aloud – “Coming Friday October 19th…”