The new Pussycat Dolls lineup hasn’t even performed yet, but there seems to already be a cast change since Tyrell revealed the six new members of PCD 2.0. This umpteeth lineup of the group, will make their debut in an upcoming commercial.

The domain and hosting website brought the girls to accompany the company’s pitchwoman, auto-racing star Danica Patrick, for their annual Super Bowl commercial. I can’t believe Robin Antin scored this major exposure for the Pussycat Dolls. Last year’s Super Bowl telecast raked in more than 110 million viewers. Love them or hate them, this is a great way to signal the second coming of the girl group.

In a news piece for, the new lineup is shown filming scenes for the commercial. Sadly, it doesn’t give a clear picture of the entire lineup, but a few things are certain. The latest iteration seems to be a five-girl group instead of the six previously speculated. From the few seconds you see of the group, Paula Van Oppen, Lauren Bennett and Vanessa Curry seem to have made the cut. The fourth slot seems to be a tossup between Kristel Lyndriette Smith, Tiffany Taz Zavala and Kia Hampton. And the fifth slot is occupied by a former Girlicious singer. See which one below.

The fifth member of the group and clearly shown in the footage is a Chrystina Sayers. The former Girlicious singer was my least favorite of the group, but I will say the woman is stunning. She can attribute her looks to her Japanese mother and African American father, NFL pro-football player Ron Sayers. Sayers isn’t the only girl in the new PCD group that came from one of Antin’s other girl groups. Blondie Lauren Bennett was part of Paradiso Girls before hitting it big with LMFAO on “Party Rock Anthem“.

I’m not sure how I feel about her joining PCD. I never really warmed up to her due to her bitch-edit on CW’s “Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious“. Maybe this go around, she’ll be shown in a better light on Nigel Lythgoe and Robin Antin’s new reality show documenting the relaunch of the “Don’t Cha” group. I have to admit, I can’t wait to see how Robin finally decided on this quintet of girls to keep the PCD brand alive.

Are you excited for the newly revamped Pussycat Dolls? Do you think Chrystina is good fit? Or are you secretly hoping that Nicole Scherzinger comes back now that America hates her after last week’s “X Factor” show? Sound off below.