Girlicious: New Single “2 In The Morning”

The low-rent Pussycat Dolls are back with a brand new single. Girlicious is releasing “2 In The Morning” to Canadian radio stations only on Monday. This will be the third release from their still-yet-to-be released sophomore album, “Rebuilt“. Former member Tiffanie Anderson left the group when their handlers decided to take a new direction with the group.

You might be asking why the reality TV-formed band is only officially promoting their single for Canadian radio. Reason being, the American group is more popular up north and also their new label is Canadian-based Universal Music Canada. Their previous label dropped them when they performed poorly with their debut album.

I may be ragging on Girlicious, but it’s only out of love. I actually didn’t mind two tracks from their debut album, “Like Me” and “Stupid Sh*t“. Their releases with their new pop-sound haven’t hit a chord with me. The new single is derivative with dance samples of yesteryear. Too boot, with Tiffanie leaving the group, there is only one girl I like in the band. The other two are hoochie mamas and give me gas.

Post your comments below, I’m sure they’ll be spot-on.