Geri Halliwell Unveils Half Of Me Music Video

Instead of having Scary, Baby, Sporty or Posh as her music video co-stars, Ginger surrounds herself with some sexy shirtless Aussie hunks. Not a bad trade up. For all you who prefer older bears, she has them as well in her new visual.

Geri Halliwell just debuted the clip for “Half of Me.” The single is the lead cut off her forthcoming fourth studio album. To say the video is random would be an understatement. Along with the aforementioned costars, she’s seen bumping and grinding with life-sized stuffed animals among other things. It could almost pass as a busted up parody of those iconic Calvin Klein commercials from years ago. Check it out below.

Geri Halliwell ‘Half of Me’ Music Video

  • Chris

    She looks amazing.

  • jolincas

    The blonde guy is just flawless. Wow.

  • The two studs are HOT. Geri has really aged well and the song is catchy …I like it!

  • Leon Walker

    Wtf…. What’s with randomly swearing in the song, and what’s with all the threesome shots? When the song is called other half of me? This is terrible! Xx

  • Zoey.Marina

    what are the names ofthis two shirtless guys? :p