My Newest Online Guilty Pleasure:


“Shop like a guy. Dress like a man”

Their tagline says it all. Ever since, Alex first introduced me to this site, it’s become part of my daily online routine. What is ? Think of it as an online factory outlet with stores changing all the time. offers designer clothing, gadgets and other knick knacks at discounted prices- up to 70% in some cases. Each sale they present only lasts for 36 hours before a new sale starts. Things sell out pretty quickly, so make sure you act fast. If the item you want is sold out, I suggest you click on the “wait list” option. Last week I placed my name for a wait list and several days later, I was informed that stock became available.

So what kind of brands do they offer? I’ve only been on the site for a couple of weeks so my knowledge here might be limited. But in the short time I’ve visited , here are some of the designer brands I’ve seen: John Varvatos; K-Swiss; PF Flyers; Cre8tive Reaction; Lanvin; Puma; Diesel; Triple Five Soul; Nixon just to name a few. Have I purchased items yet? GUILTY as charged, I’ve bought this wicked pair of sneaks from PF Flyers that I had been eying for a few months. I always give Brian a hard time for being a shoe whore and tease him that he doesn’t need anymore shoes. So call me a hypocrite, I end up buying a pair. Seriously though, couldn’t pass up buying the pair when I saw they were 65% off. It would’ve been a fashion crime if I hadn’t purchased them.


So here’s the bunk thing, memberships are only limited to referrals or by submitting an application. Also, shipping and handling fees apply- no free shipping here. Having said that, if like shopping and bargain hunting half as much as I do, I definitely recommend checking out . If you end up maxing your credit card, don’t blame me *wink*. I can only lead a camel to water, I can’t make them drink. Happy shopping folks.

  • jay

    cool site – too bad shipping to US only? same concept, different site is beyond the rack, not quite as refined as giltman:

  • Airec

    probably a little late for this but all this time I have signed up for GILTMAN, I just realized they only ship to US now that I was interested in buying something. 🙁