That’s right – this iconic 1960’s show is hitting the big screen with a remake set for production next year. The big question is, who will play who? Variety magazine has reported that Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) will be writing the script for the flick. Seven men and women are stranded on an unknown island following a crazy storm. Here are the original 7 actor/characters. Who should play the new version of them?

Confession: I personally haven’t seen Gilligan’s Island – when reruns were on when I was younger, I was preferably watching cartoons instead and have yet to see an episode of this classic – that I can remember anyway. So, I’ve listed the original cast below and put my own uneducated guesses in based on physical similarities, rumors, a wild hunch, or simply having no clue. I mean I really have nothing else to go on, not having seen the show right.

Who do YOU think is a suitable fit for each character?



Originally played by Bob Denver…Michael Cera?

Jonas “The Skipper” Grumby


Originally played by Alan Hale Jr…Steve Martin?

Thurston Howell III


Originally played by Jim Backus. Robert De Niro?

Mrs. Lovey Howell


Originally played by Natalie Schafer…Jane Fonda?

Ginger Grant


Originally played by Tina Louise…Christina Hendricks?

Professor Roy Hinkley


Originally played by Russell Johnson…Hugh Jackman?

Mary Ann Summers


Originally played by Dawn Wells…Emma Stone?