Meet Showtime’s New Real-Life “Gigolos”

Move over Deuce Bigalow, the real Gigolos of Las Vegas are on the clock and they are ready for you to take a peek into their jobs and their lives outside of pleasing women for a living on their new Showtime series. The show is a very rare and uncensored look into these fives guys who have fun and essentially, get girls. What seems like shocking concept for a show has critics turning around saying that it is surprisingly heartfelt and truthful.

The show begins with the Gigolos boss introducing the original four to a new member that she will had to their posse, Vin. How will the boys react to adding a new male to their pretty solidified dynamic? Steven is confronted with the fact that he is a single father and working in a very unconventional career. And finally, the boys compete in a competition to see who will escort a very wealthy client to a black tie affair. Sounds like it might be one of those guilty pleasure shows you can’t get enough of.


Born and raised in Wisconsin, Nick grew up working on farms, racing dirt bikes, snowboarding, wakeboarding, wrestling, playing football and just about every other sport imaginable. After high school, he joined the Air Force for a four-year tour to help pay for his education. In 2007, he graduated college with a degree in English. One year later, Nick was on the cover of Men’s Health UK. In 2009, he took second place in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship and continues to train and compete. Nick stays busy but in his little free time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, hitting up the hot clubs in Vegas and Hollywood, traveling the world, snowboarding and surfing. But he will always have more enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction entertaining.


Jimmy is a warm and engaging person with an insatiable appetite for fun and laughter. He is a college graduate who grew up on the west coast and stays in shape working out and dancing. Jimmy is an avid alpine enthusiast and former ski instructor. He is a classically trained musician, and volunteers his time and skills at a local youth musical arts programs. He is currently a trainer/nutritionist, and sports masseur.


Vin is a unique and exotic ethnic mix of French, Black and Latin. After high school, Vin attended college and holds a degree in Philosophy from a prestigious east coast university. He has a passion for learning and a deep appreciation for music, history, art and culture, which he acquired not only from study but from traveling the world. Vin is a gifted conversationalist who is warm, caring and open. He is a professional-caliber beach volleyball player and an avid athlete.


Born in Michigan, Brace played football and basketball in high school and was recruited to play in college, but instead, decided to take a high-paying job in the business sector. At age 18, Brace enrolled in a local modeling/finishing school. Brace dabbled in modeling, but decided he preferred the corporate world. After graduating from engineering school and continuing his business career, he took an interest in bodybuilding and began to compete. At that time, he also discovered Yoshokia Aikido and spent the next seven years dedicating his life to the study. Brace attended “Kenshu” an advanced Aikido school and completed his Aikido training. Brace’s business interests are vast and they include real estate, nutritional supplements, and he has even developed a hair tool that was sold on QVC. Brace believes health and fitness are extremely important and regularly uses fasting, nutritional supplementation, weight training, yoga, meditation, organic skin care and organic foods to achieve ultimate health. He likes exotic cars, modern home design, beautiful women, adventure, organic food, weight training, stylish clothes, exotic locations, and being around good quality people.


Steven is the last of seven children. He was born in Texas, but moved to Las Vegas when he was in the 5th grade. He left Las Vegas at age 18 to open up his own escort agency in Chicago. It was his first attempt to bring a sense of pride to a business looked down upon by so many people. He’s also lived in New York and before committing to life as a full-time gigolo, he worked there as a bartender, chef and a model. Eventually, Steven was ready to move on and became an offshore oil rigger. He is currently divorced and has a 5-year-old son, Jagger with his ex-wife. Although they reside in Texas, Steven fully supports his son.

Check out a preview of the show below. Are you going to check out Gigolos on Showtime?

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  • Steve-O

    LOL this just answered my question….Whats worse then a gay porn star name…..a gigolos name!

  • Jasmine _A

    @ Steve-O lol

  • I call BS

    I like this show, but one character on there is totally not who he portrays himself to be. It’s a pity that so many women are really buying this BS.

  • HisGirl

    Which one? I have been seeing one of these guys and have noticed some inconsistancies in his stories.

  • Iknowwhatyoumean

    I also know one of the guys on there, and found his act rather humorous as well…I would guess they are all making up some part of their “character”…., but I know for a fact one is.

  • Darius

    Jimmy is definitely bisexual, and Steven is too.
    Nick, though he doesn’t admit it on the show, and seems very adamant about declaring his hetero-ness, does dance as a stripper for upscale gay functions. He takes it all off too.
    Whether or not he has ever tricked with a male client, I can’t say…but for most men of a mercenary nature, if you offer him enough $$$, or he thinks it will help him to further his station in life, he’s game to do what he needs to do! (-:
    Every male escort knows that the money is with the gays!

  • StacyPPP

    Steven is not bi, he is completely straight. He happens to have almost all friends that are women and therefore has many of their mannerisms. never talk about something you really do not know Darius, you jsut look more ignorant than your parents.

  • Rick

    hey Stacy, if you’re gonna hop on your high horse & bring it all home with clever little ditties about ignorance, you might JSUT want to give spell-check a try. oh yeh, you REALLY believe guys catch effeminacy from their girlfriends?

  • StacyPPP

    Blow me Rick, it isn’t about catching it, it is about taking on those characteristics of the people you spend the most time around. Look it up Einstein. Did I spell that right? I’m pretty sure mixing up letters for those of you less fortunate “can’t figure shit outters” forces you to use the brain God gave you, if you were so lucky. Steven is not gay and never has been. You may fuck off now.

  • Angel

    You tell them StacyPPP!

  • kandi

    i don’t care which one is gay, bi, straight, or wtfever…i just wanna be in a big o’ f*&^ fest with all those beautiful men 🙂

  • S

    Stacy, do you know Steven? Just curious, I’ve known him forever and NO he is NOT gay, or bi. He just doesn’t have anything to prove and doesn’t seem to care what people think and yes 98% of his friends are indeed women.

    Personally, he’s one of the most genuine and compassionate people I know (funny too)

  • Lisa

    Vinnnnn! He is so seductive…really

  • Dana

    I like Vin….It seems like he knows exactly what to do to please you and somethings that’s exactly all ya need. Would love to hook up with him

  • Tammy

    I agree with S, although I dont know Steven personally, he seems to be very genuine and compassionate. I would love to meet him!

  • Jack

    The whole show is fake as are the dudes. Google Matt Peck Michigan and see about this guy as an example

  • David W.

    To all you woman who think you know what a straight man is. That’s funny! Like Stacy who says who says she know’s Jimmy D. and that he is straight! HA! I hired Steve Gannt when he escorted in NYC. It was limited to oral sex but he completed the job to fruition as far as were both concerned.Any
    of these dudes would gay for pay it for the money. Whether they are straight or bi or not who the heck knows. I just know that he was sensitive and I had a great time and he got off to.

  • Deliha

    I was watching an old episode of Taxi Cab Confessions Las Vegas last night and there was a cross dresser who I recognized immediately as Steven Gantt. He mentioned being in the escort business and he also mentioned his wife. I have to say that he made a pretty attractive women. He should have given his cross dressing friend some beauty pointers.

  • Deliha
  • Holly

    That is NOT steven… Deliha needs glasses SO BAD!

  • b

    i just saw the the youtube video that deliha put up and if you look very carefully that is Steven…

  • DZ

    I should be a gigolo,even tho I am not in peak shape…..but lots of women think I’m sexy! I wanna know some tips and advice on how to enter the world of being a gigolo?

  • acy belle

    Vin is awesome! He’s charming, intelligent, considerate, and a bull in the…in my dreams? 😉 He’s definitely straight and very good at it.

  • Taryn

    The guy in the Youtube video is not Steven! Nothing about that guy is anything close, not to mention the lack of certain tattoos he’s had forever. He is a friend of mine & he is not gay or bi, despite what people wish to believe or assume just because he is on the show & is a male escort. At the people claiming these things, get your facts straight!

  • Myself Chan im very loving Carring Sweetest Boy

  • Kenny

    @Stacey shut the fuck up you arrogant homophobic bitch.

  • Kenny

    @taryn yeah cause being a fag is just such a horrible thing amirite ignorant one? 😛

  • vin armani

    I hate this guy………..

  • art

    I watch the show and I like to complement”Brace” for being funny straight forward says it how it is or how it should be. He seems honest and dont BS. Keep,up the good work and dont change for now one or take no sh…..

  • disqus_i41bbuhzUl

    I take back what I said about him. he turned out to be the biggest asshole on earth,. The true Steven is bi and caters to both. Found that out recently. He has abused many women’s trust and is now hiding from paying child support. Had I know WHAT I was defending, I never would have said this. I thought he loved me and I was very wrong. have fun in jail Steven.