Thanks to my friend Matt B who sent me this link. He is an old friend of mine and has always had this major appreciation for heavier-set African-American women: mostly their culture and their accents. I think we both agree that his affinity is so strong because he was one in a past life. I’m still kinda jealous. Anyway, one of my favourite things about the subculture is not only the size of their weaves, but some of the most creative- yes lets say creative- names for their kids. Take a look at this clip that attempts to address the top 60 names from their perspective:

Seriously, I almost died after watching this. But, honestly I would imagine that at least 2/3rd’s of these are actual names that have been chosen for people!! Their mothers had 9 months to think of a great name for their daughters to grow and mature into a beautiful, confident, and successful woman that reflects her personality, embodies her everything, and forms a major part of her connection and relationship with the outside world… and then chooses D’Zyre or LaQuisha? Now that’s just mean. 

On the positive side though, you’d probably be the only Tyronesha that you’d come across in your travels. It’s not like anyone is ever going to confuse you with somebody else with a name like that. But, with notoriety comes expectation, and if you have a name like Tyronesha you’d better have a big, ferocious personality with even bigger hair to go along with it. 

What’s the most “creative” legal name you’ve ever heard? Did the name match the personality?