Movie Review: Getaway

Wednesday night I had the unfortunate opportunity to see the embarrassingly terrible film Getaway, a film that packs an hour and a half with so many crashes, wrecks, flips, stunts and swerves that the audience barely knows where they are or what is going on at any given moment. After about 20 minutes I was nauseous with a headache.

Allegedly there was a very thin plotline somewhere underneath the crashes and explosions but I found it hard to keep track of or give enough attention to. The film follows retired racecar driver Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) who comes home to find his wife has been kidnapped. He soon learns that if he doesn’t follow the instructions of a mysterious man on a phone (Jon Voight), his wife will be killed. His first instruction is to steal a car, and this is where the film goes downhill. Magna soon picks up an unexpected passenger (Selena Gomez), who turns out to the owner of the car attempting to steal her own car back from Magna. If this sounds as stupid to you as it did to me, you might as well stop here.

Getaway’s script is so far away from making any logical sense that it might as well be considered a fantasy film. Selena Gomez’s character seems to have the magical ability to hack into any computer system with her iPad. She also manages to fool the omnipresent villain whenever it is most convenient. Hawke and Gomez manage to evade every attempt at capture even after destroying half the city they are terrorizing with their massive car chases.

The film’s one moment of pleasure comes from an unbroken shot towards the end of the film captured from the front of the car as it is in pursuit of another. Unfortunately, this highly stylized scene isn’t enough to take away from the sheer stupidity of the film’s plot and its dizzying editing.

Performances by the film’s leads are tepid, with Hawke delivering the most acceptable performance. You can’t really blame Gomez for her performance, as I can’t imagine any actor doing any better given the material.

Getaway Movie Trailer

Movie Rating: .5 out of 5 stars