Who’d You Rather: Clooney VS Gosling

I realize that this has been seen already before online but I thought I’d get the opinion of our Homorazzi readers on this as well. I mean, it’s a pretty interesting pairing. In celebration of the release of “The Ides of March”, I thought I’d ask which one of this sexy leading men you’d rather do: George Clooney, the sexy silver fox or Ryan Gosling, the young star who’s starting to take Hollywood by storm. Let’s take a look at both of their filmography and careers.

Mr. Clooney became a household name when he made his debut on ER and later became a household name with his role on the hit show Facts of Life. He then went on to star and produce the huge successful Ocean’s 11 franchise. Ryan Gosling made a big splash when he starred alongside Rachael McAdams in the the romantic drama, The Notebook. But, some of you may remember him for the show Breaker High or Young Hercules. Now, Ryan has become one of Hollywood’s hottest young players and now stars alongside one of the best.

In The Ides of March, Ryan and George play opposite each other in this exciting political drama about “an idealistic staffer for a newbie presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail.” Fellow writer Kyle named this film one of the top movies to see this fall so make sure you check it out. But for now, check out some hot photos and cast your vote on who you’d rather below.



Who'd You Rather: Clooney VS Gosling

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  • Andre

    Omg. You could have picked better Clooney shirtless pics. wtf

  • Darren

    is this a real question? RYAN GOSLING OFCOURSE!

  • Tyrell

    Trust me Andre, finding shirtless photos of George Clooney that are free to use isn’t an easy task.

  • Liv

    there’s a reason it’s called a threesome… 😉

  • Jaykumar B

    Ryan it is..