George Clooney Still Sexy At 50

There is no denying that George Clooney is one of the sexiest men alive… not to mention that that People magazine has given him that title not once, but twice. From that mysterious smile to those silver locks, George has been making women (and men) swoon for decades and now, at the ripe age of 50, George is showing everyone that sexiness only gets better with age.

His resume and credentials show a long list of experience getting his start on E/R (not to be confused with the medical drama he would join in the 90s) playing the character of Ace. Then came the role in The Facts of Life playing George Burnett. Throw in a guest star on The Golden Girls a few other movie rolls, a few seasons in the medical emergency room, teaming up with Brad Pitt and you have one rocking career.

George currently has a few projects on the go which I cannot wait for. His latest performance in The American wowed audiences and critics alike and is sure to bring his acclaimed chops to anything he works on. So, to celebrate Mr. Clooney’s 50 years of hotness, I thought I’d give you some silver fox eye candy for your Saturday. You’re welcome.

Cheers to your 50 years George. Happy Birthday!