Movie Review: Geography Club


Back in October Dono did a post about the Geography Club movie trailer and it peaked my interest. Not only was it starring two very handsome men,  Cameron Deane Stewart (Pitch Perfect) and Justin Deeley (90210), but it also genuinely looked really good. I’m a bit of a gay movie junkie and love attending the VQFF every year so I’ve seen my fair share of tacky gay cinema. I’m happy to say that Geography Club was not your average cheesy bad gay movie.

Synopsis: At Goodkind High School, a group of students of varying sexual orientation form an after-school club as a discreet way to share their feelings and experiences.

The first two things I noticed was the quality of the filming and the fact that it didn’t feel like your stereotypical gay movie. Director Gary Entin may not have many credits to his name yet but he sure has a great eye for film quality. I really appreciate when a gay movie has big screen quality to it and doesn’t look like it was filmed with $10,000 and your best friends video camera. The next thing I noticed was that the teen angst feeling was perfectly captured by lead actor Stewart who plays Russell in the film. I felt he did a great job at playing the more masculine gay teen trying to deal with his sexuality while being put into those awkward teenager situations. The rest of the supporting cast was also well rounded and believable in their roles as high school students including our favorite young Glee gender bender Alex Newell. I did however feel like Deeley who plays Stewarts love interest Kevin felt a little underdeveloped as a character and not 100% believable as a gay. There was just a lack of emotional depth to his acting which may be due to his genuine sexuality? Maybe he did the role because playing “gay” is in these days in Hollywood and his agent thought it would be a good idea.

I’ve never read the book it’s based on of the same title by Brent Hartinger so I can’t speak to how closely it does of doesn’t stick to it. For the most part though I’m usually the type of person who watches a movie for its theatrical appeal and never compare the two because it’s just never going to be the same. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and would suggest it to anyone looking for a good teen angst flick about sexuality, coming out and finding your own voice in the world. Definitely perfect for a date movie or those of us who are just big giant romantics (guilty as charged) and love a good gay teen love story, they’re just so adorable!

If you’re interested in seeing the movie I suggest you wonder over and purchase it in iTunes.

Geography Club Movie Trailer

  • Hmmm, I may watch this one now that I’ve read your review.

  • Thanks Nate. I actually really enjoyed it and plan on watching it again with my roommate cause he wants to watch it now 🙂

  • Rodney Holston

    Watched it the other night, and pretty much agree with you. While I liked it, I think I was expecting more from the “romantic” side and the focus was put more on the main character coming to terms with his sexuality, which is fine. But the love story kinda got left behind, and like you said Deeley definitely lacked in the acting department. He is pretty and that’s about all he brought to the table here.

  • AwkwardUnicorn

    I watched it and was like “mehhh”. I feel like there was a lot of missed opportunities to go in-depth. I didn’t care that much about the characters.

  • Jake Criss

    Great review. You nailed it.

  • Andy

    I liked the movie but I was spoiled by the books and in the transition I felt they simplified the characters losing a lot of the more interesting aspects of the book. I know one of the bigger ones for me was Gunner knew he was gay in the book and still guilted him into all the dates, and Russel being outed in the movie versus him choosing to come out in the book

  • I totally agree. It was good for what it was but the love story really did get left behind

  • Thanks Jake!

  • Douggseven

    Looks terrible and too ABC after school special. Real gay teen angst is where to have sex, will anal sex ever not be painful and messy, shit – I think she saw me staring at his butt, omg – I hope I don’t get a boner in the locker room, and my favorite, if I make a pass at teacher and he passes back – he’s a pedo and that’s bad, right?

    Kidding aside though – if you aren’t at least trying to make as great of a movie as a John Hughes film – why bother? Easy A is about the only movie that’s even comes close to John Hughes greatness.