GelaSkins and eBoy

The other day I was searching for reviews on new iPhone 4 cases. Thinking I was going to write something contrasting the various options available for your new iPhone.  I quickly realized that a lot hadn’t changed.  There were some new colors and textures but for the most part the materials and ideas were the same.  So, I headed over to where I purchased the skin for my 1st gen iPhone,, to have a closer look at what they are up to for the phone 4.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Gelaskins have come a long way.  They have acquired many new designs, excellent collaborations, better fit, and the price is excellent too.  I will definitely be skinning my iPhone 4 with a gelaskin (I used bodyguardz for the 3G/3GS due to their excellent coverage but am ready for something a little more exciting for the 4).  I also love that they skin, with you selected design, the front, back and wallpaper of your phone. It looks great! Back to the point, one of the designers featured by Gelaskins is a Vancouver / German based design team called eBoy. I instantly fell in love with the cartoon cityscapes and started looking online for more eBoy.

As I’ve learned now, eBoy is more than a group of excellent cartoon artists, they have a variety of tee shirts, toys, and other creative items to enhance you life… Even an iPhone app, FixPix. I highly recommend you visit eBoy’s website at to see all of the collections both for sale and the past advertisements they’ve created.  I guess my only complaint is that eboy hasn’t drawn Vancouver yet! If you’re firm is from Vancouver, the inspirations in the city of glass, full of quirks would be obvious to me. Making fun of the MEC, the LuLu, the Olympics, the bridges, the traffic, etc all would make a must have Vancouver “poster” city… And eventually gelaskins! Please!

Top recommendations:

  • 1. visit to skin your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. With collaborations including Marvel, Mr. Men, National Geographic, and more you’re going to love it!
  • 2. Keep an eye on eBoy! This cool design firm is wow!
  • 3. For the best of both check out the eBoy collection of gelaskins -available for tons of devices.