“Wonder if you know you’re on my RadarGaydar, on my RadarGaydar.”

What is Gaydar? Do you have it?

This is just one of those things that’s really hard to explain to my straight friends. I remember having this discussion with my good friend Lisa, with whom I have been friends since grade 9. She (out of nowhere) once asked: “Do you have Gaydar?”  I was kind of shocked that she was even familiar with the term. When I told her I did indeed have gaydar, she would ask me every two seconds about every single guy within range… Oh Lisa.

So what is it? A play on the words gay and radar, it is a word used to describe the mysterious ability to be able to decipher one’s sexual orientation by instinct. The Urban Dictionary describes it by saying that “Gaydar allows you to ‘feel’ when there is gayness nearby.” Some say they have it; some say they don’t.   To elaborate my take on it, you basically get subtle hints from any or all of the following variables: the way a person speaks, walks, dresses, who they hang out with, their occupation, what they eat, how they eat, what they drink- the list goes on and on. Straight people can have gaydar as well, but I think gay people are more likely to have it because they are often (note that I didn’t say “always”, I know were not always cruising… well, most of us aren’t) trying to figure out if someone is gay or not for their own interest.

One of the biggest giveaways for Gaydar is the eyes. You can tell by how a person looks at you- it’s like a secret language has been spoken when the eyes of gays connect. Nobody around knows what has been said, but the two people involved are well aware: “You’re gay,” says homo #1. You’re gay too,” says homo #2.  Done and done. You can also tell if it’s just a “discovery” type of connection (i.e. you’ve figured out they’re gay, that’s as far as it goes), or if it’s a “cruising” type of connection (i.e. you’ve figured out they’re gay, you’re attracted to them, they seem like they may be interested in you, let’s see where this goes). Really, there is a whole language when it comes to this flair-anormal fem-nomenon.

So, do you have it? What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you had any embarrassing experiences where your gaydar is wrong?

Do you have gaydar?

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