Take A Look In The Mirror


I’m writing this post in a response to a Sunday Submission entitled “You’re just TOO gay” I was going to post this in the comment section, but it became so long that I figure I might as well just make it a whole new post.

This is all just another form of inter-community homophobia, which drives me NUTS! Sometimes I think we all need to turn the whole “attack on homphobia” in on ourselves, and this people, is a perfect example of it.

I think everyone needs to stop caring SO MUCH about a lisp, or a swish in someone’s walk, or how tight their jeans are, or if they wear a man-bag (which BTW, I see more straight gangsters wear than the average gay)


I’m 6ft tall, I’m built like a guy, I have facial hair, I drive a truck, I wear baggy jeans, and SOMETIMES I like to throw on a wig, shave off the beard, do a performance. Does that make me less of a man? BITCH PLEASE…I see pictures of all you “masculine” beefed up homos throwing on a wig, lipsyncing while you’re dancing more than ANY queen I’ve ever seen, and you can rock a pair of pumps better than I can, but you know what WHO CARES? I will say that I’m a bit smarter cause I get paid for it HA!

If you’re actually not going to take a chance with someone whether it be as a friend or as a lover, just because they talk with a little emphasis on their S, or like to rock a little spakle in their clothes, or have an emo bang, or know every word to CATS, or yes even throw on a frock every once in a while, then it’s your loss.

So let’s just stop this ridiculous obsession with trying to find the “perfect guy” who is so masculine he makes an army sergeant cry…HE DOESN’T EXIST. Show me the perfect masculine gay guy, and I’ll show you a unicorn. Also, if you’re so scared to be seen with someone who has a little more flair than normal, you might need to take a deeper look at yourself to find out if you’re REALLY ok with being gay, just sayin.

We gotta fix this major problem with ourselves, before we can fix any other problem in the “real world”.

  • bruin

    WOW dead on post. great great article. i completely concur!

    i laughed so hard at many of your lines. my favorite is: THERE’S NOTHING MASCULINE ABOUT A DICK IN YOUR MOUTH! definitely true!

    and you get paid to dance & be a superstar? wow! lucky!!! SASHA FIERCE that shiz for us who aint getting paid tommy!

  • Jonny

    TOMMY- LMFAO (not the artists). Best line of the post- “Show me the perfect masculine gay guy, and I’ll show you a unicorn.” I just died in my studio laughing out loud. Here here!!

  • Russ

    Thank you, Tommy! I wanted to respond, but couldn’t do it half as eloquently as this!

  • jocelyn

    well said, my dear.

  • Harlequin


  • anthony

    Dont disagree, BUT If you think this “THERE’S NOTHING MASCULINE ABOUT A DICK IN YOUR MOUTH” you and your man arent doig it right….