The Gay Lane Twins Talk Coming Out On ‘The Jeff Probst Show’

Gary and Larry Lane were born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina and grew up in a very religious family. As they started to get older, they discovered that they were both gay. The two talked about their coming out experience this past week on The Jeff Probst Show and it’s very fascinating!

Partners in crime, they’ve starred in movies, reality show competitions, and actually won $50,000 on NBC’s Fear Factor and also $50,000 on ABC’s Winter Wipeout! Their lattest venture is called Hollywood to Dollywood. The twins grew up listening to Dolly’s music and always thought she was an amazing person. So they decided to write a screenplay about her, and go on a cross country roadtrip to try to put it in her hands! They also asked her for fifteen of her songs to use in the film.

The guys are very inspiring to me, seeing how they are grabbing life by the balls and are there for each other every step of the way. Listen to their interview with Jeff Probst below. Hmm, maybe they’ll be on Survivor next? Can you image… “Wait, did I make an alliance with you, or your brother?”

‘The Jeff Probst Show’: Gay Twins Talk Coming Out

  • Martin

    wow!! what a sweet set of guys….that is amazing that they got every single aspect of each other..Looks, Voice, and the same attraction to the same sex…..Yes, i hope that Jeff Probst convinces them to appear on a future SURVIVOR season !!