It’s Official: GLAAD Calls True Blood “Gayest Show On TV”

This week, GLAAD released it’s annual TV report, “Where We Are On TV,” in which they review gay representation on scripted television shows. They have concluded that HBO’s “True Blood” is the top show for gay representation, based on their criteria. The show has six gay characters, when HBO has a total of 10 altogether. Wow, that show IS gay! In terms of which network had the most representation, the answer was as easy as ABC.

ABC network took the top spot with multiple gay characters in regular roles in the following TV shows:

  • Modern Family – “Mitchell Pritchett & Cameron Tucker”
  • Grey’s Anatomy – “Callie Torres”
  • Brother’s & Sisters – “Kevin Walker”, “Saul Holden”, & “Scotty Wandell”
  • Happy Endings – “Max”

ABC had the highest amount AND percentage for scripted shows in this current season: 11 lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) characters out of 152 series regulars, accounting for 7.2% total. Go ABC!

How did the rest of the networks do?

2. FOX – 5 gay characters out of 100…5%. Hmm, isn’t 10% of the population gay? HA!
3. CW – 3 gay characters out of 67…4.5% (Not to shabby!)
4. NBC – 3 gay characters out of 143…2.1% (only network that has even less representation than last year)
5. CBS – 1 gay character out of 125…0.8% (was also in last place last year)

Who’s YOUR favorite gay television character?

  • gad1n10

    “CW has 3 gay characters” and then you only list 2. Why didn’t you list all the Shows/Characters? Then I would know which shows to check out. Also, are they primary characters (Modern Family) or just in from time-to-time (Gossip Girl). Is there there sexuality a continuing part of the storyline (Modern Family), or is just an occasional focus (Gossip Girl)? These are the observations that should have been made in the article. How much Melrose Place drivel do you have to sit thru to get 5mins of Teddy and his gay life????

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    was mark from ugly betty
    but since its over kurt from glee
    even though he hasnt told a joke this season