The UK’s longest serving gay magazine, Gay Times, is celebrating it’s 400th issue with four celebrity covers for the landmark issue. The four celebrities are: Sir Ian McKellen, Lady Gaga, Joe McElderry, and Matthew Mitcham. The special feature will be in the December Issue and will highlight these celebrities who have each played their role in gay culture.

Actor Sir Ian McKellen, who came out to the general public in 1988, has done a lot for the gay community over the course of his career and continues to do so. “I have been reluctant to lobby on other issues I most care about – nuclear weapons (against), religion (atheist), capital punishment (anti), AIDS (fund-raiser) because I never want to be forever spouting, diluting the impact of addressing my most urgent concern; legal and social equality for gay people worldwide,” Mckellen has said in the past.

The other three have also each played their part as well. I don’t need to remind you how much Lady Gaga has spoken out about equality for gays and lesbians. Joe McElderry (in case you don’t already know him) is a former X-Factor winner who came out a year after being on the show. Matthew Mitcham (pictured above left), is an Aussie Olympic diver who recently came out and is training for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Each of the four issues, which are available in UK stores and digitally this week, celebrate the 37 years of the magazine. Dating back to 1974 as HIM Magazine, the publication was the first gay magazine in the UK. So glad to see it still around today!