Would You Die A Year Early For The Perfect Body?

A study released this month reveals that 48% of gay men would sacrifice one year of their life in exchange for getting their ideal body now. This actually isn’t that surprising to me when you consider the often unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves in terms of what we should look like. The study also revealed that nine in ten gay men admit they enforce “unrealistic” images of lean and muscular men in conversation. In comparison to straight men, only one third said they’d take a year off their life for the perfect body. The study was done on 394 men in November and December of 2011.

The research was part of a study commissioned by Central YMCA, the Succeed Foundation and the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE Bristol into how men talk about their bodies. These body image issues in gay men have been around for a long time and I’ve even been close to someone with body dysmorphia and a few people with other eating disorders.

Personally, I’ve also noticed that it also seems that the quest to have the perfect body is reaching new heights among with so many more gays doing steroids. Seriously, I can’t believe how common it is. Rosi Prescott, CEO of Central YMCA, told PinkNews.co.uk: “This is of concern when we know that record numbers of men are taking steroids or having unnecessary cosmetic surgery to achieve what is often an unattainable or unrealistic body image ideal. Central YMCA is campaigning to promote greater body diversity in the media, and for young people to be given an opportunity to learn more about body image in schools.”

Would you die a year early for the perfect body? Do you do steroids or know someone that does? Share your thoughts on the topic below.

  • CT

    Well it’s only the last year, when I’d probably have dementia anyways, and I might need adult diapers. I don’t have the will power for an eating disorder, so for the perfect body instantly right now, I guess it’s a fair trade

  • art

    Agree with CT

  • KB


  • Horace Bradley

    Personally Patrick, It’s a sad world. Me as a man who hearts men loves all men, not for their flesh but for the connections. Many can’t see beyond the illusion when looking upon flesh. People envy what they see in the media. This proves that the media is not always healthy guide; you see in the commercials. Their image of grace in people has always been flesh. Perfection is not real, even if they believe it. We as humans are not perfect, even with perfect bodies. What’s the point taking one year of your life away just to get a body like that? I believe you’re fine the way you are.

  • Alvaro

    Hey CT, what if that last year of your life you wouldn’t be on adult diapers or suffering from dementia? What if you were going to be on your 40’s and instead of growing old your body gave up or suffered from a heart attack because you took steroids in your 20’s or 30’s and you achieved your “perfect body”?
    Now, I’m not judging you, because I’m kind of obsessed with improving the way I look, I go to the gym, I work hard, I diet, take supplements… the whole nine yards. And lately it’s been in my mind the big question “is it all worth it?”. I’m telling you man, I feel the pressure just as much as anyone else, and I must confess I DON’T KNOW how to stop.

  • DillonR

    I’d be happy dying ten years early if I could look great now. The end of my life is not anywhere near as important to me as my youth and middle-aged years

  • Georgie

    I honestly was going to say no, I would keep that year because you never know what could happen in that last year. But then I read CT’s post and figured I probably would end up with dementia or alzheimers’ and changed my mind!

  • Denis

    I think some of you are missing the point. Most of us would like to think that we’re going to grow old and life is never that simple. You could easily die at any time. So, I wouldn’t give up that year. Not to meet some unrealistic expectations created by society. No thanks.

  • Brian

    Hell if it meant never having to go to the gym again just to stay in the shape I’m in NOW…..you can take 5 years off my life! 10 if I can be in perfect shape!

  • JT

    It’s funny that you guys would post this article seeing as how unrealistic body images/expectations are at the core of this site.

  • ADAM

    @brian lets say ur 25 and ur wish was granted to have your perfect body . ur concession was 10yrs off ur life like u stated in ur comment . now u find out that ur life path has u dead at 36 . would ur still want ur perfect bod for one yr or what u have now and 10 yrs of friends family and life . a man sells his soul to the devil for riches beyond his wildest dream . then finds out his riches came from corporate theft and insider trading and he now must spend the rest of his life in jail . be careful what u wish for and know all the facts first .

  • I kind of agree with JT. Most gay sites such as this one, push this so called “unrealistic” image of male perfection, what with your annual “Hottest Model of the Year” lists and it’s many other forms. It’s obviously something that you can get, it’s just all the work it takes to get there. It’s reinforced more than ever now, with your Taylor Lautners and Ryan Reynolds all over the TV. Taking a year of life away isn’t going to work though, I’m young but I still know the value of life. If you change your diet and work out regularly you could get the body you want, it just takes time. Put in the time and enjoy the benefits!

  • Andre00x

    Took the words right out of my mouth Rodney