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This year will be my 5th year in Out For Kicks Soccer Club (OFK), Vancouver’s GLBT soccer club. For three of my five years, I have served as a member of the board, twice with Topher who also plays in the league. A couple years back, Adam– whom I did not know at the time- joined the league and we ended up playing on the same team toward the end of the season. His first impression of me was that I was (a) Mexican and (b) a bitch. I’m actually not Mexican (I’m French) and I’m certainly not a bitch. He now knows it was because I can be shy at first. Adam and I- along with Topher- served on the board of directors.

After having connected properly with Adam, I then met a lot of his friends and soon became close with them all. Many of said boys make up the Homorazzi cast! At the time though, I was the new guy- I was dating Jamie at the time. Shortly after becoming friends with them, I met Jonny and introduced him to everyone as well! [A bit of history on how some of us came to be friends]! There’s a story for everyone.

Anyway, last year, Adam, Topher and I recruited some of the Homorazzi cast members- with whom I had become friends a year prior- to give OFK a chance. They included: Dan, Donovan, Brian, Saleem, Jonny, and Landon.  Although Brian had a bad injury early in the season- resulting in 6 months off work- it was nonetheless a fantastic time for all of us.

Many of us are registered for either drop-in or full-time for another season, starting at the beginning of may. We’ve already pre-registered, but general registration for new players takes place Wednesday, March 25th (TOMORROW) at 7:30pm at the Fountainhead Pub. If you’re not sure you want to join, come out for a beer and share your concerns. Trust me- this league is ALL skill levels, and is first and foremost about having fun. Not only for gay males, OFK has everyone from straight friends to lesbian lovers in their registry! We even partake in some amazing collaborative tournaments with gay teams from Seattle and Portland as we each take our turn to host each other- and trust me, they know how to make some handsome soccer players across the border! Expect related pictures & stories on once the season commences!

There is also a Kick Off T-Dance this Sunday (March 29th), 4:00 pm @ Maxine’s Hideaway. It’d be great to see lots of people out to kick off the 2009 season. Click here for ticket information.

Oh, and PS: They are still looking for sponsors, so if you work for a company or own a business and are potentially interested, click here for more information.

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  • Bryan

    Hey Patrick,

    I haven’t played soccer since I was a kid, so 15 years ago. Thus, my skill level is prob pretty weak compared to others who have been playing all along. Is it all skill levels, or do the pros gang up on the weaklings? Just wanna know what the comfort level is like before I sign up.
    Thanks man.

  • Hi Bryan,

    Yes, it’s definitely all skill levels – including beginner. Before we even start playing games, there are practice sessions to get comfortable with the basics: kicking, dribbling, shooting, passing, etc. All the teams are made with the intention of balancing more experienced players with beginners so people can learn and everyone can have a great experience. You will definitely be made to feel comfortable…it isn’t a crazy competitive league. It’s mostly about the fun.

    Hope to see you at registration and on the field!