When I was 15 years old I came out to my sister Rachel. Her best friend Laura was a lesbian and I felt that Rach would be the most understanding. Surely, she would tell me that everything was going to be okay, and help me in the process of telling Mom, Dad and the rest of the family. It just so happened the day I told her, she had something to tell me.
“Me Too.”
In a role reversal, there we stood in our green bathroom…a bit stunned. I remembered the times we had been bowling and she would say to me “Stop acting like such a f_ggot!.’ At the time, it hurt my feelings and wounded my sense of masculinity. The sadness subsided when I knew that she too would bare that early coming out cross.
Through the years, and with much research, I’ve found that this is more common (having a gay sibling) than not. I’ve had friends, previous boyfriends and even read magazine articles that revealed that we weren’t alone. Gay brothers, gay sisters…heck one of my ex’s came out to his Dad and right then and there his Dad came out to him and introduced his son to his long term partner.

I feel blessed knowing that my sister and I can share this experience together. Sure there are tough parts, but there’s also exciting/ground breaking times. Like holiday turkey dinners where I bring home a boy, and Rachel brings home a girl. Luckily our Mother welcomes everyone to her table. She even poses in pictures with our significant others with bright smiles and laughter. My stepdad Joe is also rawsome, cracking a beer and asking questions to get to know everyone. Their kindness and genuineness has exceeded any expectation I could ever have. Keep in mind, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as my biological father still thinks we are less than human. That’s the one person who still wants us to “switch”, and I wish him good luck with that as it won’t happen. At least not in this lifetime!
I guess the only remaining question is: who has more of a right to wear a plaid shirt, her or I? LOL