This isn’t the daytime soaps I remember watching with my grandmother growing up. My, oh my how times have changed. And bravo for that.

I don’t follow Days of Our Lives religiously, but after watching this short clip, that needs to change immediately. Once Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) did the deed in the much-hyped episode last year, I didn’t think producers could top that sexy scene. WRONG. This shower clip is beyond steamy. Seriously, if you don’t get aroused, clearly you’re on the wrong website.

My only complaint with the scene is that it’s not long enough. Too bad the sensual kiss was only in Will’s head. Apparently, the once-happy couple have hit rough times since consummating their relationship. Sonny found out Will impregnated a girl (LOL) and now is fooling around with a new gay hottie in town played by Brant Daugherty (check out my Man Crush feature on him). I had no idea the Pretty Little Liars actor was on the show now. For an added bonus, I embedded a scene of him making out with Sonny below. Gotta love a gay love triangle. The drama of it all.

Side note: How much do you love the main picture above? I couldn’t resist using the screencap of Will and his limp wrists. LOL. Check out all the action below.