The Seven (Not So Deadly) Gay Sins: Sloth

If I were to count the nights over the last month that my hubs and I sat on our couch, watching tv and eating just tons of snacks, you would all think I was a gross sweaty slob of a man– I mean, if I really think about it, I would think I was a gross sweaty slob of a man. It ain’t pretty guys.

Add to that the fact that it’s getting real cold, plus my love of baking, and you have a recipe for just shutting ourselves in every night and letting our bodies slowly become one with our furniture, like two gelatinous whales inhaling everything in our path.

Gee, this post is sexy.

But y’know what? I don’t care. I mean, I care in the way that I obviously don’t really want to get fat- my pride and fear of not being seen as a relevant part of the gay community ensures I go to the gym at least four days a week (side note; I realize that acknowledging my own vanity doesn’t actually make me less vain. Perhaps it makes me even more so.)

Truthfully, it may be that sloth is my biggest weakness. This guy loves to sleep until 11 am every weekend, and then watch Netflix and play video games to my heart’s content. In my defense, I also work 40+ a week, go to the gym, bake, hang out with friends, write blog posts, etc.

So I think it balances out.

I guess the danger of sloth comes from extremes (like anything, as I’m realizing.) A friend of mine used to have this deadbeat boyfriend who would literally just sit in their apartment and play video games all. day. long. He lost his job, and just sat at home while his amazing girlfriend went to work. At work, she wouldn’t spend money on lunches because she was so worried about bills that she couldn’t afford to pay as it was.

This guy literally sucked the life out of her so he could drop all responsibilities and live the life of a thirteen-year-old boy. His laziness so negatively affected her that she became depressed and constantly anxious. She would constantly go without and sacrifice for her behalf, without getting anything in return. She paid the rent, the bills, for his food, and for his video games.

And this selfish ass hat didn’t care- he was just thankful for the free handouts.

That’s what sloth is; a refusal of shouldering your own responsibilities at the expense of others. I think I know where it comes from, at least partly.

In every case of blatant laziness that I’ve personally witnessed, the root of the problem boils down to anxiety. It’s as if the world just gets too big and scary for some people to deal with, so they just… don’t. They give up and create an entirely insulated world where they can be free from stress, and anxiety, and anything that’s too hard to handle.

Unfortunately, the trade-off for that is that they give up a lot of the potential that their lives had; and in the case of my friend, any happiness that their spouse deserved.

Instead of being someone who gives as much as they take, they become someone who just takes- a black hole of using resources, whether that be money, time, or love. They suck people dry until there’s nothing left.

There’s definitely a place for relaxing- like I said, after a long day of working all I want to do in the whole world is play Super Smash Bros and watch Drag Race (except for that terrible Christmas Special. We’ll talk about selling out some other time, kids). I think we just need to check ourselves, and make sure that we are putting out into the world just as much as we’re taking from it.

For every lazy night in front of the tv, make sure you are writing a post, or painting a picture, or investing in a relationship. Build things that will last in your life, and that will improve other’s lives. And if your boyfriend does do nice things for you constantly, make sure you let them know. Make sure you pay them back in love and affection. Make sure you’re filling them up just as much as they do you (ooo… kinky.)

And if you find yourself too anxious to face the world, well, you’re screwed. Just kidding! Anxiety sucks- really, truly, deeply. Do yourself a favor and talk to someone about it. You deserve a life that is outrageous and extravagant. Insulating yourself feels good short term, but it also makes your life and world shrink drastically.

And now, with all that being said, I did my one challenging thing for the day. I’m gonna go kick Mario’s ass as Samus. Talk to you later, fam.