The Seven (Not So Deadly) Gay Sins: Gluttony

I have good news guys- of all the deadly sins, this is one that I think us homos are pretty safe from (at least stereotypically).

Gluttony is literally the sin of indulging in too much food and drink. If anything, gays are the opposite of gluttonous when it comes to food– our vanity keeps us from eating that last piece of bread, or even thinking about that extra scoop of ice cream. But that’s a different sin, and we’ll tackle him later.

I guess we can talk about our gluttony in drink and/or drugs though. I’m not at all going to tell anyone what to do with their bodies- I’m not at all going to go on some crusade against drugs, or say that anyone who partakes in them is a cotton-headed ninny muggins (Tis the season!) I recognize that, good or bad, drugs and alcohol are a part of gay culture.

There is a line between use and abuse though. Just like a man who can’t stop eating because his appetite has become insatiable, there is a point where the fun ‘party culture’ lifestyle can catch up to you. I’ve seen it- I dare to say we’ve all seen it- that cliched early twenties kid who moves to a big city, gets caught in the wrong crowd, and all of the sudden has a bad coke habit.

And I think when we just make it a story like that- just another cliched gay trope- that we can justify it as a part of our culture. It’s just a thing; like the daddies, and the pups, and the queens. ‘Druggy’ gay is just a label. Just a kid who’s a glutton for good times, nothing to see here. Move along.

But the truth is, it’s not okay. Before I continue, I do really want to clarify that I don’t judge you for your vices or habits. I have them too.  People I know and love can do a bump of coke or two on a weekend, and leave it there. But there are people who can’t stop there.

These are the people this post is for.

The first time I watched someone with a drug habit fall to pieces was shocking to me. We weren’t close- he was known in the community, we went to the same bars, and I watched it all from afar- but I watched him literally waste away. He got skinny… really skinny. His face was a skeleton beneath his skin, his eyes sunken and dead. I would scroll through his social media every once in a while, just trying to figure out how someone gets to that place.

I’ve seen the same process a couple of times now. Like I said, there seems to be a place in our gay subcultures for the addicts. Maybe it’s because the LGBTQ community is already so ‘counter-cultural‘ that dabbling in drugs is a celebration of that. Maybe it’s because we tend to have some really ugly demons from our confusing adolescence that are easier to run from than deal with.

There is a moment when drinking stops being fun. There is a moment where the same old drug doesn’t make you feel euphoric, just hungry for more. There is a moment where the light in your eyes disappears, swallowed up in a hazy, druggy cloud.

There is a moment where the glutton no longer tastes the food he eats, but simply hungers for more.

It’s called addiction.

Oh boy- I didn’t mean for this to be such a downer! Sorry fam, I promise these will be mostly fun from here on out. I’ve just seen some really great people do some really crazy things in the name of the next high, and I’ve seen those people’s friends cry and beg for them to change. I’ve seen the fall out of addiction and gluttony.

So let me put on my angry grandma bonnet for a minute, and tell you to know when enough is enough. Recognize when you’re starting to drink or use just because it’s habitRecognize when you’re not ‘using’ to add to the experience of the night, but when you can only have a good night by using.

I guess the mantra of a glutton would be ‘too much of a good thing’. That goes for food, that goes for sex, that goes for drugs. This week, just think twice before you indulge. I don’t want to see the light go out of your eyes.