Last year, Ryan James Yezak released The Gay Rights Movement, a video in support of his first documentary, Second Class Citizens. With his latest initiative, the first ever National Gay Blood Drive taking place Friday, July 12, he’s released the followup to last year’s moving clip.

Yezak splices footage spanning years for this inspirational, terrifying and honest look at how the lifetime ban on gay blood donors in the United States came to be. With a blood supply shortage, it poses the question as to why this ban still exists given the medical technological advances since the ban was first implemented over 30 years ago.

If you missed my post about Yezak’s plan to hold the first ever National Gay Blood Drive, be sure to read my previous post. The drive will take place this Friday across all 50 states, and calls for eligible gay/bisexual donors to show at the blood donation center in their city, get tested at an onsite mobile HIV testing unit, and then attempt to donate their blood. If you get tested & attempt to donate on your own, send your rejected test result to the following by July 20th, 2013:

  • National Gay Blood Drive
  • PO Box 461990
  • West Hollywood, CA 90046

The Gay Rights Movement Part II: National Gay Blood Drive