Will someone named “HotGuy4Sex79” turn into the man of your dreams? I’ve decided to pose this common question to you, our loyal Homorazzi readers to get your opinion on this common situation. I know many people that often talk about wanting to meet Mr. Right and to have a serious relationship. That being said, they’re on Grindr and the likes and I’m not so sure they’re going to find him on hookup sites. Speaking only from my own personal experiences in the past, none of the people I met on an gay dating site turned into a relationship.

Hold up – Wait a minute? Who’s writing this article? Here’s the thing: We thought it would be an interesting way to encourage other Homorazzi cast members to want to share their more personal situations and dilemmas without being put in the spotlight. We’ve decided to experiment and make these “We Ask You” posts blind items where you won’t know who’s writing it. Capeesh?

So what do you think: If you want to meet someone to settle down with for a long term relationship, should you give the hookup sites & apps a rest? Would it make a difference? Have you tried? Is trying to find relationship material on a hookup site a recipe for disaster? Share your thoughts and experiences and vote in the poll below.

Should Those Seeking A Long Term Relationship Stay Away From Hookup Sites & Apps?

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