Gay lobbyists in New York had spent over 1 million dollars on their campaign to legalize gay marriage in their state, and it fell short very quickly yesterday.

In this relatively liberal state, the vote of 38 to 24 came as a huge surprise and disappointment to everyone involved. A Marist College poll showed recently that 51% of New Yorkers were in favour of gay marriage, but it seems that the senate was not a true mirror image of what the people really wanted and now everyone is calling “not fair”. Some are also wondering why it had to be held in “secret session” without lead up or warning. It happened very quickly.

There are also a lot of people choked at Mayor Bloomberg, convinced, and rightly so, that his morals and view and gay marriage do not adequately represent the people. Mayor Bloomberg although having said that he will help “advocate for gay rights”, has failed to step up to the plate and been criticized as having a thin shell with no backbone on the issue. He did however say this:

“I’ve been urging the State Senate to stand up and be counted on an issue of importance to me and millions of other New Yorkers: marriage equality.  Although I’m deeply disappointed with today’s result, and know that the sense of anguish and frustration is even more pronounced among gay and lesbian New Yorkers, at least we now know where individual legislators stand.  And so now, we begin a new effort to secure the additional votes needed to pass this bill. I want to thank the leaders of the State Senate finally bringing this bill to the floor for a vote and I applaud the 24 senators who courageously and compassionately voted ‘yes.’  Historic change does not come easily, but this vote was a crucial step that, I believe, will ultimately lead the State to extend full marriage rights to all couples.”

So take what you will from that.

The defeat is disappointing and yet another blow following recent defeats in states like Maine. New york would have been the sixth state to legalize gay marriage, and a state that everyone thought was a pretty sure bet. The issue will now be frozen unfortunately until it is able to be raised again in 2011.

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