I’m going to make this post short and sweet. We here at Homorazzi.com urge our readers to encourage voters in Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota to show their support for marriage equality. The four states have the chance to give gay marriage supporters their first definitive victory at the ballot box. In Maryland, Washington and Maine, the question is to legalize gay marriage or not. Meanwhile in Minnesota, voters will decide on whether or not to implement a ban on same-sex marriage. As expected, just like the Presidential race, it’s close in all four battlegrounds.

Of the four, Maine and Washington look the strongest to legalize gay marriage with early polls giving the edge to the pros. Maryland seems pretty deadlocked according to the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post polling, while Minnesota is a bit of a wild card with mixed poll results. Some either have it as a tight race or with the ban being passed easily.

We are the furthest thing from a political blog, but we hope all our readers head to the polls and make their voice heard. If you know anyone voting in these states, spread the word on social media and encourage them to support LGBT rights. I can’t wait for tonight’s results from all the races. Fingers crossed.