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Having working in media buying for an international gay brand, I have come across some awesome gay magazines that are just not readily available in North America and thought I would share! Definitely check them out and all do international subscriptions too!


My first pick is Winq Magazine, based out of Amsterdam! I love working with these guys and think this magazine is really well done! It’s a lifestyle magazine geared specifically to Dutch and Belgian gay men, which I find makes the fashion and styling a lot more edgy than what you see in North American mags. Best part, they have just launched a North American edition in English! Yahoo!


Based in France, Tetu is unfortunately not published in English yet! This mag is huge in France and they definitely land all the biggest names in Male Modeling including Chad White, Evan Wadle and Kerry Degman (My fav!). Tetu focuses on LGBT issues, with politicians, celebrities, writers, dancers and so forth, along with articles and reviews on LGBT-themed books or films. Another section is concerned with LGBT news around the world, country by country, which I think is really cool! They have a radio program and a Travel site as well that focuses on gay friendly travel destinations, which really broadens their breadth beyond just a gay publication to gay network and resource for the community.

Gay Times

Gay Times is another great mag, out of the UK, actually brings back some bad memories for me as I published an ad for the company I used to work for with a copy typo in the heading of our double page spread! Completely my fault for not proofing the ad well enough and let me tell you, a mistake that big will only happen once in your life! Haha.

Founded in 1984, Gay Times magazine is probably the longest established gay magazine in the world. Content focuses on gay men’s lifestyle and current affairs, featuring style, interviews, entertainment, music and arts.


DNA magazine. I’m not going to try to sell you on great content and overly compelling editorial, this is just HOT! Haha. DNA is probably the most well known of the magazines I have featured here with wide distribution in North America and around the world. Their photography is borderline porn but really well done, with some the best models and photographers in the gay media industry. It is Australia’s biggest selling gay publication and actually outsells most American gay mags as well.

Submitted By: Mitch M.

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  • Calan

    Also Attitude from the UK is great and if DNA issue #113 is out here in Vancouver yet go and get it! You might just find me in there on my own full page 😉

  • yrt28

    Tetu also has a really good online newsletter. If anyone hasn’t checked it out, it comes every day with updates on gay issues from around the world–it also has info on the gay party scene in France, but not living in France, I usually skip over that.

  • hmarsrob

    While I don’t deny the ‘hotness’ of the models and photography in DNA as a regular contributing writer for the last ten years I feel I must defend the journalism.

    Perhaps not as academic or ‘newsie’ as some it always has a good mix. As for the editorials they are often the highlight. See recent examples on Michael Jackson and Ian Thorpe. We punch above our weight given our resources. LOL


    I really love Winq and Tetu. They are the best. For those of you who don’t know French, if you use Firefox it will translate everything into English for you. There daily newsletter is awesome. Happy reading. Tschuess, Nicolas

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  • rana

    Great work