There’s no denying that Mondays can be a bitch. It’s always hard to go back to the office after having a fun-filled weekend. Thankfully, two brand new shows make starting the week a bit easier for me. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy The Carrie Diaries and The Following as much as I do. And that’s before both shows featured two gay kisses during last week’s episode. Since a new episode of each airs tonight, I thought it was a perfect time to blog about aforementioned smooches.

On The Carrie Diaries, Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and her best friend Walt (Brendan Dooling) celebrated Halloween in NYC. At the party, they meet Interview writer Bennett (Jake Robinson). During a chat, Bennett leans over and gives Walt his first man-on-man kiss. Still struggling to deal with his sexuality, Walt runs and heads back home to have sex with his ex-girlfriend Maggie (Katie Findlay). Side note: Check out our interview with Katie.

Over on The Following, two straight aspiring serial killers Will (Nico Tortorella) and Billy (Adan Canto) pretend to be gay to befriend a victim. After a series of flashbacks, we learn that during a drunken night, the two actually hooked up. This eventually leads to Billy developing real feelings for Will. Check out their angst-ridden kiss below, along with the Carrie Diaries’ one.

The Carrie Diaries Gay Kiss

The Following Gay Kiss

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Which kiss was hotter? Are you watching both freshmen shows? While The Following had a great start from the get go, The Carrie Diaries opened quite softly. That said, as the weeks have gone on and good word of mouth has spread, the CW show’s ratings are improving weekly. I really hope it gets a second season renewal. AnnaSophia Robb is the perfect teen Carrie Bradshaw. I can’t get over how she and the writers have so perfectly managed to channel the original HBO series with regards to voiceovers and hilariously awkward segues. Sound off below.