Cum and Go?

Tell me it isn’t just me.

You’ve just met a great guy– be it online, walking down the street, at a bar- and you’ve gone home with him. Everything’s clicking, he’s hot- you’re hot- you guys are laughing and getting along and things have progressed how they should into the bedroom (briefly back into the kitchen and ankles in the air atop the island somehow) and you both end up in a sweaty mess across his sheets, panting, out of breath, fully released and feeling amazing. And then, immediately after you’ve delivered your pay load like a Russian space rocket, your body and brain tell you to GET THE FUCK OUT!

Now, I’m not going to bore you with talk of Oxytocin and other sexually released chems, but rather discuss that overwhelming urge that I have- and maybe others do as well- to bolt like Superman breaking the sound barrier immediately following orgasm. Personally, I don’t need to see how he’s doing, I don’t need to have another beer, I don’t even need to pretend like there’s going to be a second time and “totally put his number in my phone,” and I definitely don’t need to cuddle. My heart, my brain, my stomach and my feet scream that time’s up, and the only place in the world I want to be is back at home- alone. Tell me it isn’t just me.

A little background that might paint this situation some: I’ve never been in a relationship [cue unsurprised eye roll]. That said, I consider myself a romantic in the right situation and have dated before and liked many a man past the blow and go stage of things. However, dates for me don’t start with “Sup, you out?” texted via Grindr and don’t proceed immediately to the knee pad stage of things. I go on proper dates when appropriate and typically don’t put out right away (TYPICALLY!). When I meet a guy for sex though, that cutesy shit goes right out the window along with my desire to hang out. A hook up for me is a carnal act that ends when it’s over: sounds simple, right? It’s not only that “I don’t care to hear about their day”, I really just want to have sex and get out. I’m not in the least ashamed of what I’m doing- though according to most when I regale my dirty stories I should be- and I’m not nervous or anxious to meet new people in the least, I just don’t need to and don’t want to learn much more than their latest STD check up and confirm their penchant for using condoms. So, I’m wondering: is that wrong? Is this weird, or do you guys always have that feeling post “fight” that “flight” is the way to go?

Let me tell you more about this “feeling” I’m referring to. It’s actually pretty overwhelming. Almost the second I release and feel all my energy drain out of me, I can actually feel a bolt through my entire body that tells me “times up” and my mind instantly- without fail- goes to wondering where I threw my socks while he was grabbing my ass and pulling off my shirt. Not only do I have an internal clock ringin’ the alarm harder than Beyoncé, but I suddenly feel this almost repulsion of intimacy. I don’t want to be wrangled in for a bear hug, I don’t want to hear about how it’s cute we’re wearing the same jeans and I definitely don’t want to talk about my day: well, at least we’ve established I’m a top (kidding!). No, but seriously, I just want out and anything or anyone that gets in my way is collateral damage and better have the centre of gravity of a line backer or else they’re gettin’ knocked on their ass.

As I type this, I’m realizing why so many men I see on the street post coitus (and I’m talking YEARS later) might have a look of disdain seemingly reserved just for me. The sex was great, but I went Casper on them and disappeared without another word and maybe JUST maybe guys don’t like that? In all honesty, I thought most guys felt the way I did after sex and in fact I assumed I was just being a polite guest taking care of myself and getting out of their hair so they can go about their day or meet up with their husband. But, considering the amount of: “You’re an asshole” comments I’ve had from anonymous Scruff profiles over the past years- the chances are that my “polite” ways aren’t exactly as simple sweet as I previously believed. Do guys really feel that differently than I do once the deed is done? Is there even an industry standard?

I realize it may sound ridiculous that a (very) sexually active gay male after a decade of sex still doesn’t quite have the art of exiting down to a science but to be honest- I don’t know that I care. I listen to my body and my brain pretty closely (when 8 double vodka sodas aren’t playing their tricks on me) and when it tells me that I want to bounce and get directly to a 7-11 to buy the biggest Slurpee I can find and get home to veg to whatever HBO put out that night- I pay attention. Does that make me a bad person or just basal and more connected to the neanderthal in me than most? Prehistoric man had to spread that seed and get back to the hunt, and while my seed ends up wrapped in latex at the top of a garbage basket and my hunting is at its most adventurous when I order multigrain at the Subway on my way home, I see some similarity and I don’t mind it. I feel my method is sex at its purest and there’s no need to muss it up with post “O-face” chat and bonding. I was in you: we’ve bonded plenty. There’s nothing wrong with you or what we did, I just don’t need to be here anymore!

So, I suppose more than just to rant, I wanted to get the gay perspective on this. Admitting this concept of sex n’ split will be VERY foreign to all you boyfriend and long-time lovers out there, there was once a time when you were single so try to mentally regress back to that slutty time. And, to all you single ladies: am I unique in this one? Do you countdown the moments till sex is over so you can really “get to know nameless joe” beside you? Call me a dick, call me a whore, just let me know if I’m alone and how you feel after the fireworks end.

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  • Ben

    Sadly I don’t have any advice to help this but I am going through basically the same thing and while I am doing the whole “let’s get out of here!” process in my head I am also hating myself for feeling this way and getting myself into that mess in the first place. I don’t know, either way you aren’t alone on this and I appreciate your article and honesty. Keep us (or me at least) posted!

  • Manuel

    Sometimes, I date a guy. While doing that, we might end up in my place or his. And not too long, we are cuddling, then having sex. After, even the second after i’m finished my mind starts telling me, get away, go, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. And its like, wtf? I always try to date “normally”, like wait a while before having sex. Because when I have it, the other person might want to get intimate TOO FAST, so thats why I always end up running :S . I know its not the best, but what can I say? I’m trying to find the right guy. Wheter his tall, short, hairy, lean, bigger, etc.

    PD. You are not a whore 😉

  • Paul

    Although I have the same feelings and leave as soon as the deed is done, I don’t think it costs too much energy (for anyone) to smile and tell someone you had a good time (even if you haven’t). If sex is indeed something not to be ashamed of, then I suggest not to differentiate between everyday social interactions and post coital interactions. I certainly feel better when people treat me in a respectful way and I assume many others do as well.

  • DW

    That’s why I’ve taken time off having sex (while I wouldn’t recommend this approach to anyone, I personally find it rewarding).

    I’ve learnt discipline and to find out what makes me feel anxious when I get close to guys generally.
    Another problem is after busting a nut, that guy (however hot he may be) no longer appeals to me as much. But maybe that’s a knock-on effect? Too many of us have an insatiable appetite (not sexual per se, maybe in terms of gratification generally?).

    So… for now, I’m just taking time to reflect on it, maybe date a guy a few times before going back to his house… developing an attachment so much so, that after “the big bang”, I just want to cuddle and chat :-).

    I guess never having a relationship (longer than a month) before, I’m finally ready to grow up.

    All I’d say to anyone is to not rely on the gratification. Sleeping around is fine (you know? For physical release/the desire to want to bump uglies), but not when it’s filling a bottomless void (no pun intended haha).

  • Craig

    I have always…always…always been exactly like this. Not sure why. I had a trick I used to use on my tricks that wanted to hang around after the deed was done. I would immediately get up and wash, never shower as it took to long. I would start dressing which encouraged them to do the same thing. Then as we left the bedroom chatting I would guide them directly to the front door and before they knew it goodbyes were said and they were on the other side, with the door shut. My goal was no longer then five minutes from deed done to deed out. Worked every time.

  • Adam

    Thanks for the reactions so far boys!
    Hilarious to see so much of myself in you guys.
    The skip a shower because it takes to long is CLASSIC me I love it ha. Thankfully I always travel (as oppose to host) so it’s well easier to jet off once it’s over. Honestly, 5 minutes sounds too long for me ha: I’ve got it down to a 3 minute run in the best of times BUT I can definitely see the point that there’s something to say for “being polite”.
    I suppose it doesn’t hurt to say “fun time”- I usually stick with “thanks” finding that anything nicer than that leads to the guy thinking we’re going to make a habit of it and like some of you- the second I’m spent I’m completely over the dude and wondering who else is out there.

  • Tyler

    Great article and great responses. I can definitely relate to the situations described, but I guess I can say it’s not always been a consistent thing for me. I don’t think guys hooking up for sex should expect much more than the cum and go. But on a couple occasions I did allow myself to cuddle and chat and found that it brought some humanity into the basal act.

  • DouggSeven

    You’re not a whore, you’re a slut. Now before you get all in a tizzy over the assumed insult, don’t be. It’s some man’s nature. While I’ve been married for 4 years (we’ve been together for 17 when we met at 17), I can’t say I know these feelings because I’ve never experienced them. My spouse and I discovered our sexuality together so it’s something we have in common and it’s bonded us. Mind you, I’m not perfect and I’ve often wondered what another man would feel like – I know that divulging in such desires would end my relationship and it’s too important for me to risk. I’ve read somewhere that after a man cheats on a lover, it may result in erection issues with said spouse. It was enough to scare me away from cheating as a result. I also don’t think my partner would cheat on me so it’s something I must respectively do the same.

    My sympathies go out to the young gay community who are forced to use Grindr who are looking for love in a sea of people just on the ap for a quick fix.

    Adam, I have a feeling you are strictly a top (I know you put the ‘kidding’ in there, but you also put the ‘your seed in the condom’ comment in there. With that kind of penchant for sex, it would seem to me that you have a lack of respect for someone so easily willing to let you inside them. This will stick with you unless you lower your standards drastically. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to start dating pigs. But you need to get over that looking for Mr Right and accept that he may be less than as successful than you, have less than as nice as a place than yours, etc etc. I have a feeling you find the silliest flaw in someone and let that hinder what could be a perfect relationship. Gay men today are looking for themselves in others and forget that opposites actually do attract. How about creating a Plenty of Fish account and see what out there? It may not be as fast or as easy as Grandr – but I have a feeling that the quality of individual would be more rewarding in the long run.

    Unless, you enjoy being just a slut.

  • I’m the guy on the other end. I’m the guy who’s supposed to throw “you’re an asshole” comment. But I’m not here to add your hatred message collection. In fact, I’m glad that I read this article. I’ve met few cum-and-run guys like you (and some comment posters) and got left in the is-there-something-wrong-with-me? conundrum. Reading this article makes me realize I have been doing fine and I havent done anything wrong to make people run away. It’s just how some of ‘us’ works when it comes to evil-application-based hook up 🙂

  • just to make sure there’s no confusion on the comment posted above. it’s not written by Adam (the writer of the article), but by another Adam, the loyal reader of homorazzi.

  • Adam

    Haha, thanks other Adam 🙂
    I appreciate hearing the other side of this- it’s funny in my work I’m constantly working with people to have them realize that 98% of what other people do “to them/you” has NOTHING to do with you. It’s nearly always something in the other person that motivates them to act how they are be it seemingly rudely or ignorant etc. Glad I could shed some light that at least for me it’s almost never EVER about the other person that I’m jetting after sex- it’s just me.

    And to Doug- while I’m not going to take the Mean Girls “Ladies, we need to stop calling each other bitches and whores because then men think it’s okay and start doing it” route, I do think you’re being a bit zealous in your judgment of guys who like to have sex with men. Congrats you met your one and only when you were 17: that is NOT the typical. In fact, for MOST of us, we miss that sexual and dating phase straights get because we don’t feel ready/able/willing/whatever to come out that early and have a delayed growth in that area as a result.
    A lot of us are learning what we like and having fun doing it a bit later in life than straight kids get to and I say there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy sex: it’s natural, it’s fun and if you’re safe while doing it it’s perfectly healthy. You aren’t a bad person just because you enjoy sleeping with men I don’t care what your number is. And, while it may seem like marrying up is “what I should do” to you but I’m enjoying the ride getting there and don’t feel the need to lower any standards but hope to find a great guy who doesn’t leave me wondering what it would be like to cheat on him 😉

    That’s just me at least!

  • Danny

    I’m sorry, but I honestly can’t relate. It has never been that way for me, not even if all I wanted was to have sex with the guy. Hugging, kissing or spending time with someone after the act, doesn’t mean you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Also, I have never prohibited myself from having sex with the same guy twice, if the sex we had was great.

    I think you, and others here, really need to get a psychologist perspective on this. I’m not one, but I can tell the problem goes way beyond just not been able to spend time with a guy, after having sex with him.

  • Danny

    Oh! And I agree 100% with other Adam’s comment. And whether I did or not, I apologize if I sounded harsh, it’s just that I’m really struggling with the part of me who wants to call you a whore.

  • DouggSeven

    Adam, I wasn’t insulting you by calling you a slut – it’s the very definition of what you’re doing. A slut is ‘loose sexual morals or one who is sexually promiscuous’. By your own comments you fit into the category as do millions of others – especially in the gay community. While I know the gay community wants to be devoid of this stereotype – it does fit for a large number of us.

    Just be careful.

  • DouggSeven

    Danny, a whore is one who accepts payment for sex. Adam does not. He’s promiscuous with low sexual morals – that makes him a slut…not a whore.

    Hope this clears it up for you.

  • Adam

    Haha Danny, I’ll lend the professional eye here and say that so far, no one’s getting hurt and while we have a penchant to sex and run, no one is breaking into a sweat or panic attacking if the trick makes us chat while we get our clothes back on so we’re not exactly needing to get sent to a padded room or figure out “why we’re broken”. Like me, the commenters for the most have said they’ve dated and have had guys they’ve wanted to stick around for but a good amount of the time that just isn’t how we feel- and I don’t think we’re “fucked” because of it 😉

    Doug- I have great sexual morals I’d argue. I have never in my life had sex without a condom (find me a dozen 30 year old gay men who can say that), I don’t pay for sex, I don’t hurt anyone during sex, I’ve never lied about my sex and I have it because I enjoy it- no other reason. I think that makes me pretty darn value laden but hey, that’s just me. I’m sure my number versus your one seems daunting but everything is relative and there’s a million men with higher numbers than mine and there’s virgins who would argue someone have sex around 17 could be called a bad work themselves. Let’s save the harsh on gays judgment for the pope is all i’m arguing 😉

  • DouggSeven

    Again, you seem to find the word slut an insult. I wasn’t meaning that in any way shape or form. It’s within man’s nature to want sex often and with multiple partners. We’re made that way to keep the species continuing…well, you know what I mean. One can argue my choice of a relationship is the unusual one.

  • DW

    I think promiscuity is a chain-effect, which is why I’m not surprised Doug’s circumstances have given him that particular insight. That said, the dictionary-quoted definition is used in the wrong context imo. Also, I wouldn’t say our sexual desire was “made” just for reproduction. Sex is a form of expression, it’s so much more than just banging one out or having babies… Our orange chakra O:-)

    Personally, I think for most of us, this is an issue based on security rather than morality… (I said most, not all).

  • Craig

    Before people call someone a SLUT…they need to understand the meaning.

    S – Someone
    L – Looking
    U – Utterly
    T – Tasteless

    I may have had lots of sexual encounters, but on the other hand I always had good taste. More important…I always tasted good!

  • DouggSeven

    Yes Craig, and Pontiac stands for…


    Thank you for your bad stand-up routine.

  • Danny

    Uhm, I never wrote thinking that you were “broken” or “fucked”, I understand people associate psychologist with padded rooms, but that’s not necessarily the case. Psychologists are professionals that are there to help you out with small and big life issues. Maybe I’m wrong and this one is not as big as I think it is, but either way, I think it would be really interesting to get the insight of one on this; not to say, helpful.

  • stephen

    I’m 43, and I was just like you til about 39. You aren’t bad. You just don’t want an ‘intimate’ connection with these people that you are having sex with. When you find somoeone you do want to have that special connection with…you’ll stick around. But, be warned, it sucks when that shoe is on the other foot. Eventually, you will probably get tired of sex for sex’s sake, and start feeling differently and acting differently. Til then….keep playing safe, and be kind to the ones you leave behind.

  • stephen

    Correction… wont get tired of sex for sex’s sake, you’ll just put more value on creating an intimate bond with somone else, and make differnt choices.

  • Ryan

    Personally I feel hooking up is convenient and fun so long as you’re safe. However I do think it is more prevalent in the gay community because of progress not yet made. Around most of the world it is still some people’s only option to “cum and go” or else risk discovery and persecution. In progressive areas where the fear of persecution may not be a factor, people seem to be still working on how to be in relationships, so hooking up remains the most comfortable form of interaction. Relationships are challenging regardless of sexuality, but it is that much tougher when you grow up in an environment that is still evolving toward accepting such relationships as legitimate.

    I believe the proliferation of gay rights will allow people to grow up with more examples of deeper relationships, instilling more incentive to stick around and see how things go in the light of day.

    Sometimes it definitely is just a matter of getting an itch scratched and then having no desire to stick around. I don’t mean to speak for every hookup experience ever. =)

  • Hey Ryan.
    Thanks very much for putting out very western mindset on this phenomenon in perspective. Absolutely this style of short term relationship makes a LOT of sense when we realize the rest of the world isn’t quite the liberated and open cities of vnvouver and San Fran. Necessity is certainly a huge motivator for many out there!

  • Count me in.

    Once the deed is done, everything else is superfluous. Actually, most men did not mind. They shared the same feeling, too.

    I find this attitude to be totally liberating. The notion that having sex with someone implies further obligations is the nasty bit imported from the heteroworld. Thanks! But NO, thanks!

    Exceptions. Yup. I make exceptions here.

    *guy has extraordinary sucking skills. Almost every dude is happy to go down on his knees, and give it a try… Most dudes are good. Very few are exceptional.

    *the general vibe is congruent. The dude qualifies as a potential FB. Next time is only 2-3 txts away. No need for much talk, further bonding or anything. Just plain pleasure without much ado.


  • Jaden

    Honestly, this very typical for gay men. Most are so used to be single that once their hormones drop they have no clue what to do in the presence of another man. Intimacy is lost on them. So they hit and quit it, maybe picking up an STD along the way.

  • micha3l phelps

    I need some advice because up until yesterday I’d never hooked up in my life (I’m kind of young), and I went to this sexy, cute guy’s place (which was awesome), we fucked a lot, and we cuddled a lot, and I noticed that from the start he’d be looking at me in a dreamy way, holding my hand, smiling and kissing (I’d never spent so much time kissing a person, we made out like it was breathing or something). And yes, I mean, this is normal (?) in a hookup, but it went on until the next day in the afternoon, and he’d often say “I really like you a lot” and sit on my lap while we listened to music and ate. I gave him my Facebook and he sent me a message the next day, pretty casual conversation and smiley faces. And I seriously liked the guy, he was fun, interesting, quite a gentleman, but I don’t want to fall for someone who doesn’t really like me back and feel like a total idiot. What do you guys think? Does it sound like he really likes me? :S I met him at a club and he’s like 24.

  • Ian

    Who’s up for fun tonight

  • Matthew

    Hello again Adam,

    The first time I left a comment here was back in 2010 after reading an article you’d written the year before about love and relationships (‘Falling in Love is…Easy to Do?). You responded to it, which I thought was very nice, and after that I went on with life and, unintentionally, forgot about it for quite some time.

    This semester, which is my last in undergraduate school, I took an LGBT studies course and right now I’m working on my final paper and was perusing the internet to try and find an article that deals with the issue of racism and anti-effeminate attitudes on Grindr and other dating sites. This led me to another piece of yours and I was reminded of our brief conversation from before.

    You mentioned then that you had never been in a relationship so I’ve been scrolling through your posts to try and get an update on how things are going for you. I decided to stop at this post (which I find very interesting if somewhat sad) and leave this for you since I’ll need to get back to my paper eventually lol.

    I find your writing enjoyable because, on some level, it reminds me of myself. I read in your bio that you finished your masters in counseling psychology (congratulations!) whereas I am about to start mine in social work come the Fall. Is there a reason you don’t draw on that knowledge more within your work here? I’m curious.

    Anyway, I hope you are well and have found (or will find) the person you’re meant to be with. That sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s what I try and hope for everyone (I’m getting nicer as I get older…who knew?). Ironically I did end up dating a skinny writer like I alluded too in my first comment here but that ended awhile back. Not because he wasn’t a hunky cowboy (I’ve discarded that fantasy in lieu of more realistic men) but just personality differences.

    Good luck in whatever it is you’re doing these days and try not to be so hard on yourself (I spy that self-deprecating humor that permeates your written voice), I don’t think you deserve that.



  • Bvinla

    You left when you were done with their company, not when they were done with yours. Your definition of company isn’t the same.

    Some people going to an amusement park is just about the most extreme coaster, for others its about the atmosphere of the park, or the collective experience of all the rides, or sharing stories with who they rode rides with, or just the shared company of whom they went with.

    It’s your choice to interpret how you enjoy your relations with others, and tolerate the positive and negative outcomes.

  • glitche

    Man I think everybody feels that way sometimes… as a top. but see, holes are…. holes. They can be sensitive! They need to be soothed sometimes! Getting fucked ragged can make the hole-owner emotipnally vulnerable. It’s totally okay to WANT to GTFO, but, I mean.. maybe just a leeetle aftercare if it seems to be wanted? Because you turned him inside out with your cock?

    Btw I did love the blog post.. captures a sentiment perfectly.

  • Dave

    So funny. I think no one really knows how to exit gracefully, lol. Well, some do. Guy who could care less. But if one has somewhat of a conscience, it is awkward. I have found my once it’s done, get the hell out of there hookups on sites on the web. Mainly places where I can review sites, like The research is done and I choose the site and then who I want to meet. And by the way, if it’s any comfort, many of your partners feel the exact same way as you. “I’m done, see ya.” 🙂

  • newguyontheblock

    I can totally identify with this. As soon as I cum I wanna split. I can barely put my clothes on fast enough to get out of there. The funny thing is sometimes I would go back to my car and fall asleep in the car (before driving off). But I just wanna be away by myself after shooting my load.

    I call it my recovery time. Maybe this is something common among Tops.

  • Darren k

    The way you’ve gone on and on about justifying leaving makes you more of an annoying drama queen than some of the “clingers” out there. if you want out after orgasm then just put your pants on and piss off. Don’t roll your eyes and go on and on . There’s nothing more disgusting than a loser who orgasms and has no regard for the other party. You don’t need to justify it – you’re simply put a poking stick that’s

    I have one night stands and I always do a little bit of chatting and maintain pleasantries in wrapping things up if called for, even if it is a bit of a cuddle here and there. Even if I don’t want it. Why? Because the other person is a human being. Because maybe, just maybe it’s not all about you, the other person just took you to orgasm and you, in all your selfishness are denying the other party of any other needs they may have during the encounter. You agreed for there to be no strings afterwards, not during

    The kind of men who assume that people are going to “fall ” for them after one session are outrageous disgusting narcissists. Just because you are treated with respect and decency and I have gone out of
    my way a little to listen to a rant or give a few little cuddles it doesn’t mean I ever want to see you again. The NSA part is agreed upon up front, try disclosing the fact that your a tosspot with no regard to others wants or needs up front and see how you fair.

    You need to go out and get yourself a fake vagina/asshole and or a robotic automatic dildo with speed control. Take these objects and go and pleasure yourself in a dark room alone because from what you’ve stated here, you have no need for human contact at all. Get over yourself .

  • Forever and a Day

    Adam seems like a trifling whore. Am I wrong? Adam looks like someone you would look up and down in the bedroom and scoff at the thing hanging between his legs. Get out ADAM!

  • Forever and a Day

    Or better yet………. You go to reach for that all important meat as Adam would say and instead of a kielbasa it ends up as a Vienna sausage. When that moment happens you just say ‘GET OUT ADAM’

  • Forever and a Day

    Dogs and cats get neutered. Sounds like ADAM needs to be neutered for posterity and obedience. Sit Ubu sit. Good dog!

  • Forever and a Day

    Seek help.

  • Forever and a Day

    Gay men are pathetic.

  • Forever and a Day

    Can homos get anymore animalistic?

  • Forever and a Day

    Honestly I would like to see homos like Adam exterminated. He is a diseased animal that needs to be taken care of. 😉 GET OUT ADAM!

    My ideal guy would be: SPIRTUALLY, Intellectually, emotionally, and physically attuned to this world, artistic, understands occult terminology and ideology, etc…….. ADAM has FALLEN short of that ideal and has ended up in an ABYSS of dogness. Your lack of understanding will be the downfall of your future ADAM.

  • Forever and a Day

    Your right hand.

  • Forever and a Day

    Call me a dick, call me a whore, just let me know if I’m alone and how you feel after the fireworks end…………

    FYI: I would honestly say this to your face in front of a whole crowd. ……


    If you don’t want to join them, then destroy them. 😉 ADAM looks like a simple tool.

  • Forever and a Day

    At least I know what Adam’s weaknesses are and how he can EASILY be MANIPULATED into anything. 😉 Adam is a GREAT example of a TOOL. At this point I would pick you up in a bar and make it known I want sex and go back to your place for a little 1 on 1. When it is all said and done say ‘Peace’ and walk out. ADAM doesn’t realize that I just stole his money making him into what he really is: A degenerate human being. 😉 KARMA will catch up with ADAM and all the other sexually perverse homos of the degenerate community. Times are a changing and those who have missed the light will suffer immensely.

  • Fix

    Well a lot of top does that. You are just one of the bunch of assholes out there. But you are not out of the norm. As a bottom, I did not like the touch, fuck and go kinda thing. I dont know, it just makes me feels kinda cheap sometimes.

  • Anthony

    Reading these comments I must by in the minority but I’m a bottom and when we’re both done and I’m cleaned up I just want to go. So I do. I prefer exactly what you’re doing.

  • Gamer Man

    Adam, you are an example of a fucking drama queen. GTFO.