Gay Dogs At The Gay Dog Bar: Check Out This Hilarious Video

In a just released video from Eliot’s Sketchpad, we get to see what it would be like if gay and lesbian dogs went to their own gay bar.

Whether wandering around looking for their friends, looking for a connection with another guy (or shall I say… looking for a “bone”), or trying to avoid the guy that’s hitting on you, these dogs are going through it. There are even lesbians dogs that get annoyed of the gay queen dramatics.

Eliot’s Sketchpad is created by Eliot Glazer. Here’s how he describes himself: “Eliot Glazer likes a lot of things, one of which is writing and performing comedy sketches. He also likes drawing, which is why so much of his self-proclaimed ‘brain garbage’ begins as a simple drawing, but turns into something much, much weirder. Check out his latest funny video below.

Gay Dogs – ‘Eliot’s Sketchpad’