OOPS!? Surrounded By Homos!


Okay so I went on a cruise to and around Mexico back in April, and although the ports were fun and the ship, for the most part, was interesting and memorable to be on, I just kinda wanted to inject some life into the people on board. Oh ya, and I think I was the only one in a speedo. Let’s play spot the homo!

WELL, a straight Italian couple must have gotten the shock of their LIFETIME when they were suddenly surrounded by 1500 speedos! What happened? Apparently “Revolution” happened, Italy’s first all gay cruise, and the couple had no idea! The couple didn’t see that there was no estrogen boarding, or that half of everyone were wearing some form of straw cowboy hat. Hrm. Well the cruise from Rome to Barcelona was very uncomfortable for the couple (probably the Kylie on repeat), and now they’re sueing.

Wait, excuse me, they’re doing what?  Yes. Sueing! So here’s where it gets interesting. The couple’s attorney’s are saying that it was a breach of contract, that the cruise line was not advertised in the proper light, that they were duped etc. Really, I think the couple are the dupes. I can only imagine what these people are like. Oh, and although hopefully unrelated to the law suit now, they apparently saw friends on board they didn’t know were gay. Thurprithe!!

On the other side of this battle though, gay activists are waving the big ol’ rainbow flag and taking their homophobe cards out on field (too many mixed analogies?). Oh ya and in the middle of the battle royale, the cruise line is saying “Come on, the cruise wasn’t THAT gay”……. ….I’m sorry, they just can’t get away with that. Although I’ve never participated, I’ve seen pictures, I’ve heard stories of Atlantis. Gay men don’t board a gay cruise for the bridge tournaments, and “group activities” doesn’t mean line dancing lessons.

Anyways, I’m not waving my rainbow flag. If I thought it was all jello shooters and Aussiebum for three days and I got Heteroville, I’d be pretty pissed too. I just hope the couple got to soak up a few rays, have a few drinks, and maybe get some hairstyling tips.

  • bruin

    hah, italian means probably conservative catholic. hilarious story, thanks for sharing!