Based on the huge response to my previous roulette articles, I have discover that there are a lot of gay or bi guys searching the web for the best roulette site. This is a new phenomenon of randomly video “chatting” (and I use that term very loosely) with other men (in this case) somewhere in the world. It started with, a site with both men and women (and children for that matter) clicking through to find whatever it is they’re looking for, if only just a laugh. Then, gay copycat sites started popping up everywhere, essential for guys to, well, get off with each other randomly – oh yeah, maybe even chat a little too. Well, I’ve compiled a list of all the ones that I’ve been told about or investigated on my own, and I’m curious to know which one is the most popular amongst you guys.

Firstly, I’d like to mention, if this is your thing, you should use your judgment when showing your face on these sites. People are able to take a snapshot on their computer, and there’s no way it can be controlled. That’s why you agree (or disagree) to the terms & conditions before you start. So, be careful.


Secondly, I’m actually not opposed to these sites integrating their way into gay culture. Let’s face it: men are horny mofos. If sites like these prevent people from having an obscene amount of casual sex because they need to get their rocks off all the time, then I’m all for it. Other sites like Manhunt & Grindr help people meet each other with the intention of hooking up (oh, and maybe something more – but not usually). I think if guys are bored of their porn and have a bit of an “exhibitionist” side to them, then this is a much better and SAFER alternative to sleeping around.

In response to the articles I’ve written about this previously (Follow me on Twitter!), they’ve been viewed a lot and several people have shared their favorite gay video chat sites in response. Therefore, I decided it’d be worthwhile to write one article, summing them all up, so people can vote and select the ones that they’ve enjoyed the most. Here’s the list…

Gay Chat Roulette Sites: The original. This one is the best site for amusement because it has everything and is not gay specific – but there is a lot of gay so it’s the best of both worlds I guess, in relation to what this article is about. FAIL. This one used to work, but it’s been saying “we’re working on it” for the longest time. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be the best one after they finish whatever it is that they’re working on. The have the easiest name to remember for what it is, that’s for sure. This one is quite popular. In my opinion, the best of the purely men seeking men chat roulette sites – simply because it works and there are a lot of people online. Just because it’s called BoyRoulette doesn’t mean you’ll find “boys.” There obviously trying to lure the younger crowd with a name like that, but of course they’re gonna lure the olders who like the youngers in the process. From the feedback in my previous articles, seems like people like this one though. Totally targeted to men. Not that high volume – only 10 users online when I went to it. Better than nothing I guess! This site is targeted to men seeking men, and has the largest video chat windows of them all, which makes it unique. It makes a weird noise (like, you have a new email type noise) every time you get connected to a new person. Why it is “.info” is beyond me… I don’t believe it’s an informational site. This site is totally targeted to men seeking men. The only thing is that you have to spend a few moments signing up for a login username & password for the site. It only takes a second, but it’s the only site I’ve encountered that does this. Not gay specific and my experience was well a shot of a couch and a cartoon Garfield plastered over the “Partner” screen. Everytime I hit next, the shot didn’t change. Meh. Another not gay specific one, but you can search for men if you wish. I actually like the way this site is a bit more customized & esthetically pleasing than the other bare bones ones though.


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