Gastown Gamble: A “Brand” New Show You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

About a month ago, my former Ginch Gonch coworkers and I got together for a little reunion. We caught up over drinks, reminiscing on old times and catching up on what everyone was up to. I was so excited when my friend Nicole Brand announced that she and her husband Mark Brand would be starring in their own reality show. The show airs on OWN and documents the re-opening of an iconic Vancouver butcher shop/diner called Save on Meats and their quest to make an impact on the neighbourhood known as “Canada’s poorest postal code”: Vancouver’s downtown east side. This is one of several of businesses the couple own in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood.

Having watched the premiere last week and my PVR set for a new episode that airs tonight, I’m definitely meathooked. The show wasted no time in getting into the hustle and bustle required to meet deadlines and safety requirements to get the business open.

Based on what I’ve seen in the previews, the challenges and obstacles they’ll face in the series will be ongoing, but I’m certain all of the blood sweat and tears will pay off.

So proud of Nico (or as I liked to call her at work, “Ice Queen”) and her husband Mark. I had the opportunity of attending their wedding reception and think this power couple make such a great pair. Check out a preview of Episode 2 the show here. Gastown Gamble airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT on OWN.

A photo from our recent get-together at one of her restaurants. You can see Nico and I in the back.

A photo of Nico and I at her wedding reception.