The only reason I even know who Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle is because I caved and watched the first season of Geordie Shore. Even though the guys are way hotter than their Jersey Shore counterparts, I grew tired of the show. What I can never grow tired of is the male cast jumping at every chance to show off their goods. These sexy blokes definitely have no shame in their game, most notably Gaz who has a monster of a beast down there. The girls on the show keep screaming about its size. I wanna peek.

Prior to filming the new season of Geordie Shore, Gaz flew down to Sydney for a sexy DNA magazine cover shoot with photographer Simon Le. I’m truly in awe how some of those skimpy undergarments contain Gaz’s goods. Check out a revealing behind-the-scenes video captured by Mikey Trotter on set. Watch Gaz rub himself, adjust and readjust himself in the clip below. Make sure you have a tissue handy for all the drool and other fluids that might leave your body 😉

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