I love me some Garrett Hedlund. There’s just something about his unkempt look and deep voice that just does it for me. How much exactly do I love thee? Well, I enjoyed watching Country Strong co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow and it wasn’t because of Leighton Meester or Paltrow’s singing. Does that answer that question? I’m even willing to sit through Kristen Stewart having a threesome in On The Road just to see Hedlund’s bare booty. The punishment I’ll put myself through sometimes 😉

The 28-year-old actor discusses the Jack Kerouac movie adaptation in the January 2013 issue of Interview magazine, along with his music career. Hedlund’s cover and inside photo spread were snapped by prolific photographer Robbie Fimmano. Check out Garrett looking all scruffy and hot below. He kinda resembles a young Jeremy Sisto (Suburgatory, Clueless).

For Garrett’s interview in Interview Magazine, click here.