Gay Couple Gets Engaged At Garbage Concert

Watching proposals are always fun to watch. Why do you think I sit through entire seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But watching a gay one is even better. I love how excited the one getting proposed to always gets. If you watched the gay proposal at the Kylie Minogue concert, you’ll also appreciate this one. Sometimes when I think I’m dead inside, I watch a video like this and poof… I’m human again.

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson interrupted their concert at the Majestic Theater in Detroit to allow one man to propose to his boyfriend on stage. Apparently, Manson had been communicating with this superfan online before the concert. Because she’s awesome (love Manson) she brought out Scott Sauter and Domenick Viviano on stage. Loved that she played cupid. Once Domenick got on bended knee, the crowd went wild. Awwww. How awesome is that? Watch the proposal below.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our show in Detroit last night at the Majestic. Can’t BELIEVE we were able to act cupid for the lovely Scott and Domenick. That moment will be forever etched in our minds ( I think I actually SCREAMED with delight at one point) and a great memory of Detroit to take with us.?love love love – Garbage

  • Martin

    wow !! Shirley Manson is so amazingly Kind and so nice to interrupt her concert for these two guys !!!

  • Justin

    Shirley is a fantastic person, I’m so happy she made that couple’s night 🙂

  • DJB

    Now that was just awesome! She seemed genuinely happy for them! 🙂