Galantis & Throttle Debut Dancey ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Music Video

It’s hard to top Galantis‘ epic “Love On Me” music video filmed in Thailand. Watching those monks performing whimsical choreography, twirling umbrellas and executing fierce fan moves was a beautiful kaleidoscope of fun. There’s still dancing in their latest offering, but far less colorful. Still, it’s worth a watch, especially if you love the track which I do.

“‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is continuing what we started with ‘Peanut Butter Jelly’ and ‘Love On Me’…the trilogy ends with ‘Tell Me You Love Me.’ Its a full-on, Motown-sprinkled, Jackson 5 banger!” – YouTube

Tell Me You Love Me” is a sugary EDM pop offering. The bass line is bomb and the hook is catchy. It’s lifted off the Swedish DJ duo’s second studio album titled The Aviary and features added production from rising Aussie DJ, Throttle.

Check out the accompanying music clip below which features three individuals dancing at various Los Angeles locations including Venice, Downtown and Chinatown.

Galantis & Throttle ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Music Video