Scott Eastwood Goes Shirtless For Bachelor With Dogs Parody


Adorable puppies and a shirtless Scott Eastwood. Sign me up!!!

You thought those crazy women on The Bachelor were vicious. They have nothing on these bitches. These canines have their claws paws out.

On the next season of The Bachelor, Eastwood tries to find a new best friend. Naturally, the 28-year-old shows off his toned physique in the process. Which adorable dog gets a rose, or should I say bone? Maybe it’s a cat instead. Shocking twist anyone? Watch the Funny or Die clip below.

The Bachelor With Dogs With Scott Eastwood

  • raddar

    I feel a gay vibe coming out of this guy….

  • Douggseven

    You’re gaydar is awful. He’s not gay. Quit dreaming.

  • Sam I Am

    You might be on to something..He was so cheesy and UBER camp in this (It would be nice if he was..)