Sometimes (okay most of the time) I find myself with a little time on my hands at work. In said situation is where I found The Best of Craigslist, first reveled in all the FML goodness, and howled a few guffaws at Texts From last Night. I’m always looking for pleasant time wasters.

Well quite a few months ago, a wise woman (maybe my boss, MAYBE), showed me a brilliant website with an equally brilliant concept. Enter: Garfield Minus Garfield. That’s right, you heard it. At you can see your favourite Garfield strips, without Garfield actually in them. Sound boring? WELL IT’S NOT! Did you know that without the orange cat, John actually looks like a schizophrenic manic depressive? I sure didn’t! Sometimes it’s the things he says by himself that are funny, most of the time, it’s the facial expressions that tell me he’s disappointed with himself as a person. Endless fun.

Well to add to the comic strip goodness, I have JUST discovered a non-G-Rated comic redux. The extremely R rated takes classic Family Circus pictures and relabels the bottom into, well, usually something filthy. Okay I just clicked on a few more in between writing this article and am laughing hysterically to myself again, not dissimilar to John’s manicness actually.

These gems of time wasters can be enjoyed in the house on a Saturday night when your friends forget to invite you out, at work when your boss is in a meeting and you need some comic relief lest you commit hari kari, or even on that long bus or skytrain trip to and from a family obligation when Grindr just isn’t cutting it. Garfield and The Family Circus await. Howl away.